Custom Rugs at Alyshaan: An Introduction

At Alyshaan, we believe in the inherent creativity in each one of us and have great desire to bring your design aesthetic to life using our custom rug design process.

No longer do you need to restrict yourself in shape, size, color or material when choosing a fine area rug. Your home is your personal design abode, so why should your rugs be any different!



The custom rugs provide an affordable and durable solution, with limitless options. Select from a range of designs, whether traditional or contemporary to match your specific needs and style. Rug designs can be inspired from anything – whether a fabric you are using in a room, existing floorcoverings, or even your favorite drawing!

To create your own custom rugs, you simply open the Alyshaan rug design software and create the rug of your dreams. Once you have finished designing your rug and confirmed the order, we send your requirements to our weavers. We also allow the option of a ‘strike-off’, which is a 1.5 feet piece of the custom rug. This is just another way of Alyshaan trying to serve you better! We want to make sure you love every inch of your new rug, so you have the freedom to see the design, materials and colors in a live sample in case of any changes. Only after you have approved the strike-off, will the skilled craftsmen weave their magic bringing your design to life with a full size rug!

To learn more about custom rugs, keep following our blog for the next post in the ‘Create Your Own Art – Alyshaan Custom Rugs’ blog series! 



5 Tips on Redecorating Your Living Room Space
Have a living room you want to decorate? Here are 5 handy tips for you from us!

1. First and most important:
Enjoy the experience! It may seem daunting at times but we advise you to let yourself get excited about the prospect of decorating (or redecorating).

2. Remember the purpose the room will serve:
Living rooms can serve as a place of entertainment and for conversation with guests, so think of the kind of mood you want the room to convey. Also, ask yourself questions like how much and how often you entertain as well as the kind of events you would like to host there.

3. What ‘feel’ do you want the room to have:
If you have a certain kind of feeling you want the room to have, such as a rich, opulent look, then start with an exotic rug for instance that could not only bring a unique look but also be a source of conversation at parties and gatherings.

4. Use your inspiration: 
Build the rest of the décor around your inspiration piece, for example if you have a cherished rug, or painting you love -- use that as the focal point and select complementing textures, colors and furniture for the rest of the room.

5. Select the right colors:
If you prefer monochromes, then select muted furniture pieces, but enhance them with accent colors in a brighter tone and use a variety of textures to add interest.

If you like, you can always add a burst of color through a specific piece, like this colorful ‘Hand Knotted Ikat Rug’ offered by Alyshaan Fine Rugs.

The abstract design not only incorporates bright pops of color, it also allows the decorator to choose any color to use for accent cushions. Notice the muted silver/grey tones of the sofa fabric, which balances the overall look.

Find more inspiration for decorating your home by viewing our selection of rugs online ( or visit us at one of our two showrooms in Arizona.



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