How Sari Silks Assist Women in India and Nepal

The famous Silk Route has reached Arizona. Ever since 200 BC, silk has been one of the most important fabrics and has travelled through the world. Rare recycled silk yarns, provided by leftovers from previous saree or sari dresses, are handspun by women and later become a marvelous rug art work. Today, you may acquire sari silk rugs at Alyshaan Fine Rugs in Scottsdale and Sedona.

Sari silk rugs tend to match every home style, from vintage house looks to a more modern vogue; the beautiful diversity of patterns and textures make each rug unique. The sense of harmony and warmth are what make sari silk rugs a “must have” luxury for perfect home decoration. Just as any painting can tell the state of mind of its painter, every rug may tell a different story of its weaver. Women on the other side of the world place love and care with each of the area rugs you see at Alyshaan Fine Rugs.

Buying these textiles including sari silk rugs has proven to empower Indian and Nepalize women. Many households depend on these hard working women. Indian studies, from 2009, show that 55% of its exports are given by the textile industry; meaning, women in India are providing not only for their families, but for their country as well. History shows that Silk Rugs have traveled the world back and forth, and have always kept their value in home decoration; likewise, it is used in many homes throughout the world. Perhaps it is time to ask yourself whether a Sari Silk Rug should furnish your home. The Silk Road has reached Scottsdale and Sedona. This amazing silk art work you can walk on combine beauty, luxury and practicality. Sari silk rugs are unique in their style and are offered at accessible prices.

Written by Alexander Scheller

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The Value of Cleaning Rugs

When you walk on something everyday, it’s easy to stop thinking about it and forget it's there. An area rug is a prime example of this. Cleaning underfoot decor is something people often forget about doing, aside from running the vacuum over it now and then. While regularly vacuuming your rug is a critical step in area rug maintenance (just remember: never use a beater bar on the vacuum, use caution around the edges, and DO NOT vacuum the fringe! Consult our cleaning guide for more information), there are some very good reasons to go beyond that.

To Keep the Color

If you have an area rug that’s of particularly high value or one which you have a deep personal connection with, it behooves you to keep it clean and as close to the original condition as possible.

Not only does a professional cleaning keep rugs cleaner, but it also keeps the body of the rug looking fresh and bright. If your rug is made of high quality materials and was purchased from a reputable dealer that stands behind its products, the once vibrant colors that made you fall in love with it in the first place can be just as beautiful as they where when the rug was purchased. When you get a professional cleaning, the rug takes on new life, showing many of the colors and pattern lines you may have forgotten were there.

Hand-knotted rugs especially will benefit from professional cleaning. It is very difficult to get the tightly knotted threads clean with a vacuum cleaner alone. Given the intrinsic value of a hand-knotted rug, it’s very important to have a professional cleaning done every three to five years on rugs that see regular foot traffic. Rugs that are walked on less won't need to be cleaned as often. Keeping in mind how often a rug is used, use your eye to determine how often each rug in your house needs a professional cleaning.

In addition to keeping your rugs clean and bright, professional rug cleaning has other benefits, as well. Having rugs cleaned doesn't just benefit the rugs. It can also be a benefit to your health.

For Your Own Health

Rugs, aside from looking beautiful, benefit their owners because they are much more sanitary than wall-to-wall carpeting. Unlike full carpeting, rugs can be completely cleaned all the way through with a professional cleaning. Vacuuming regularly will get some of the top layers off, but it cannot rid your rug of all the smaller particles. But there’s no cause for alarm -- these only build up over time and can be removed through a professional washing.

A professional cleaning picks up and kills the vast majority of bacteria and gets rid of the dirt and other pollutants that have been tracked across rug's the surface between cleanings, in addition to bringing out the color and shine. However, it's very important to have the cleaning performed by a rug cleaning specialist. An incorrectly washed rug won't get the in depth cleaning that it needs, and is likely to be damaged if the wrong cleaning process is used. Before trusting someone with your rugs for cleaning, be sure to check that they are using the correct procedures. One of the most commonly used incorrect methods of cleaning is washing hand made rugs in hot water. A real professional cleaning has to be done at an appropriate facility and with the right tools.

If you’re wondering about where you can get your rug professionally cleaned by people who care about your satisfaction and the condition of your rug, look no further than Alyshaan. Whether you bought your area rug from Alyshaan or not, we’ll use our expertise and extreme care in ensuring your rug gets the best cleaning service available.

By Allison Edrington


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