We ordered our custom rugs at Alyshaan and absolutely loved the quality.  The designer at Alyshaan put together the design on their software and created an exquisite rug.  We are thrilled with the results!  - The Smiths  



Design Your Own Custom Rugs

Have a unique color scheme or design theme in your home and haven’t been able to find the perfect area rugs to match? You don’t have to settle for the next best thing -- create your own custom rugs right from your browser!

We all like to be unique and distinctive, as it is a universal human trait.  Alyshaan Fine Rugs offers a custom rug program that can give you the opportunity to make your space stand out above the crowd.  As one of our former custom rug customers pointed out, “When you know what you want, why look around for it… create it yourself!”

At Alyshaan, we love staying connected with the current trends in the marketplace, not just in the rugs that we carry in store, but in how we conduct business.  We love and embrace technology which is why we have custom rug design software provided directly on our website that any designer or consumer can use.  The beneficial side of custom is that there are virtually no limits to the design or size. 

You can choose from 600 colors and choose 60 knot, 100 knot fine wool and/or silk rugs or hand tufted rugs.  In addition, you can modify carving and pile height.  Choosing a pre-programmed design and making it yours by dragging and dropping colors online is a treat for any designer or consumer.  

There are two different roads that you can travel down in your custom design journey.  You can modify existing programmed rugs in their construction and color or you can work with Alyshaan’s graphic designers to create your own original design from scratch. Alyshaan also provides free in-home consultations where we can bring our design software along with our wool and silk poms physically to your home in order to help you determine your desired design and color.  What I love best about custom rugs is their ability to be a blank canvas.  At Alyshaan, we like to make the canvas come alive.

The quality of Alyshaan’s custom rugs, like all the rugs we offer, is always magnificent.  The length of time to create depends greatly on the size, weave and the complexity of the rug design, but is typically anywhere from 60 to 90 days for a standard room size rug. The process of the custom rug creation is interesting and exciting.

After the rug design is confirmed, we prepare the order for the weavers. We typically recommend that you receive a strikeoff, a 1.5-foot piece of the design, where you can preview to ensure that you like the colors and weave before the rug is completed. Once a strikeoff is approved, the weavers can get started.  

During the process, the weaver sends progress photos of the rug in several different stages and Alyshaan provides these to you. Once we receive the completed rug, we call the customer and let them know their masterpiece is completed.

One of the ways that the worlds of fashion, interior design and a vast variety of other industries enable themselves to offer unique products to their customers is through customization. Alyshaan understands this point, which is why we offer the Custom Rug Program so that you can choose a product that makes your home feel colorful and vibrant and gets your floor noticed. As we say at Alyshaan, “Your imagination is your only limitation.”


Get started now with our design software! Learn how to use the software with this custom design rugs video tutorial.

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