The Custom Rug Process At Alyshaan

When we look at ways to personalize our living space or place of business, we want a design that embodies our taste, design, feel and palette. This is why Alyshaan Fine Rugs offers such powerful design tools for our clients and designers. Our custom design program will bring your creation to life. The design is entirely up to your imagination. The color choice rivals the rainbow and there are endless variables to choose from such as: material types, carving and pile height, all of which can be modified to create the exact piece that you desire.

There are 2 options in the design process:

1) You can modify existing programmed rugs, changing their construction and color as desired, or

2) You can start from scratch and elicit the help of Alyshaan’s graphic designers to create an original piece.

An in-home consultation is another option that Alyshaan provides. Our design consultant will bring wool and viscose poms to your home. You can view poms in your own home, with your lighting and pick out colors that will work precisely. We provide our clients with a blank canvass, our tag line is "Walk on Art", and the chance to design art is exactly what we give our customers.

We design magnificent quality fine rugs.  You might be wondering how long it actually takes to build a custom rug.  There are several varying factors:  size, detail of design, knot count, material.  However, in general, a contemporary designed custom rug in a 9x12 size will take 3-4 months to create. 

After the rug design has been confirmed, we organize your order for the weavers and send it off. A strikeoff is created which is a 1-2 foot piece of the desired design. This is created so you can view a portion of the rug before it is created in entirety. After the strikeoff is approved,the full rug is now ready to be made. The process of the custom rug creation is very interesting, fun and worth the time to create.  Your imagination is your only limitation.


Watch a video presentation on how our custom rug program works

Custom Rug Process

Creating a custom rug gives you the opportunity to create a one of a kind original art piece for your home.  When you are investing in such a long lasting and permanent piece as a high-end fine rug, settling for less should not be an option. You should be able to find  the perfect design for your space.  Alyshaan offered customers premium service and quality in fine custom rugs.

This is how Alyshaan’s Custom Rug Program works:

1.    Alyshaan creates a work order for you.  

2.    A deposit for ½ the price of the total rug is required to get started.

3.    Choose the exact size of rug you need.  Make sure you have already measured the space where it is going!

4.    Next, choose the quality of rug you want:  100 knots, 60 knots or hand-tufted

5.    Pick your material. Whether it is wool, silk or combination, the material affects the color, texture and overall look and feel of your rug.

6.    Next… pick a pre-programmed design (a design that we already have loaded into our software) or work with our in-house graphic designer to create a pattern that fits perfectly in to your style.

7.    Then, choose from a palette of 600 colors!

8.    Choose whether you wish to have carving or pile height elements in your rug.

9.    Choose between having fringes on your rug, short or long or no fringes at all.

10.  Your design is graphed and sent to our weavers to create a 1-2 ft strikeoff sample of your design (to see colors and weave)

11.  Once the strikeoff is made and shipped, you approve or make changes.  If no changes, then the rug can now be put into full production.

12.  Photos of the rugs during the weaving process are emailed to you so that you can see the progress of your creation.

13.  The rug is shipped to our store in Scottsdale, AZ.

14.  We call you and arrange a time for us to deliver your new masterpiece.

Try our online custom rug software at and start playing with design and color of your masterpiece.

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