We offer state of the art virtual in-home rug viewing to take the guesswork out of your fine rugs shopping experience. Now you don’t need to wonder how that special fine area rug which has caught your eye will look in your home.

We have set up a virtual system that will allow you to see directly how the fine rug of your choice will look. Simply come into our showroom and pick out the fine area rugs that you like best. Next, just give us photographs of the specific areas you intend to place the fine rugs or allow us and we will photograph your new home (even if the flooring is not completed yet). We then digitally place the handmade fine area rugs into individual rooms for your viewing, even before all the furniture arrives.

In case you think you would like some modifications to the fine rug itself –after seeing it placed in the room, such as to the rug size or colors for example, then that also won’t be a problem! Alyshaan also has a special custom rugs service that you can avail. So both your problems can be addressed at the same place.

So next time you are looking for a fine rug to decorate your space — don’t guess what looks good. Let us at Alyshaan help you with virtual viewing to narrow down your choices.


Start browsing over 5000 fine rugs from your computer, phone or tablet today.