Choosing A Reputable Rug Store - Alyshaan Fine Rugs, Scottsdale, AZ

Choosing a reputable rug store can be difficult with so many different choices in the marketplace. Alyshaan Fine Rugs offers value by choosing to never have outlandish sales or pushy sales people.

Different Styles of Area Rugs - Alyshaan Fine Rugs, Scottsdale, AZ

Alyshaan carries a variety of area rug styles including traditional rugs, transitional rugs, contemporary rugs, modern rugs, tribal rugs and antique rugs. Learn about them from Saeed Aslam.

Types of Area Rugs - Alyshaan Fine Rugs in Scottsdale, Arizona

There are many types of area rugs including pile rugs and woven flat weave rugs. Within pile rugs there are hand tied rugs, hand knotted rugs and then there are lessor quality hand tufted rugs. Visit...

6 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Area Rugs

Learn about the mistakes people make when buying area rugs.

5 Things You Must Know When Buying A Handmade Rug

Saeed Aslam - owner of Alyshaan Fine Rugs giving insights on things that you must know when you buy handmade area rugs

Decorating A Great Room With Area Rugs

Receive great tips on decorating a great room with area rugs by Saeed Aslam, who has been in the rug business for over 30 years.

Rug Washing

Suzanne takes a hand at learning how to scoop the water off the rugs in rug cleaning. It is a lot harder than it looks!

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