The principals of Alyshaan Fine Rugs have been in the fine rug business for three generations. We offer a simple, honest business concept of NO SALES, NO gimmicks and every day low prices that are lower than most store’s sale or liquidation prices. As direct importers, we eliminate the middlemen and offer the lowest prices in Arizona without insulting your intelligence with an 80% off sale on every rug, every day, like most rug stores.

Alyshaan has very friendly, experienced staff that enjoy helping our customers make an informed decision. One visit to Alyshaan and you will feel very well informed on the subject of handcrafted rugs.

Magnificent quality – Impeccable customer service – Friendly knowledgeable staff – FREE In Home showing – Best of the industry guarantee on material and workmanship

How To Choose A Reputable Rug Store?

How is Alyshaan different than other rug stores?

Most rug stores will have a “perpetual” sale on every rug, every day of 50% to even 80% off. Do not fall for these gimmicks. At Alyshaan Fine Rugs, WE WILL NEVER insult your intelligence. We will have a retail price marked on all our rugs and we will quote you our price which is always our price; this saves all of us the hassle of haggling. A great feature of handcrafted rugs is that you can find a rug to fit almost any budget. Even a large room size rug, made entirely by our weavers on our own looms with natural fibers like wool or cotton, can be acquired from Alyshaan Fine Rugs for a very reasonable price. We also have palace size masterpieces.

No matter what your budget, Alyshaan Fine Rugs has the right rug to fit you. You will have a tremendous buying experience at Alyshaan Fine Rugs and will also see the appreciation that we have for the products we specialize in.

The fine rugs we carry are made in different regions of the world like Pakistan, India, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Persia, Persian, Indian, Pakistani, Baluchi, Jaipur, Agra, Kashan, Isfahan, Tabriz, Heriz, Nain, Naeen, Qum, Koom, Qoom, Joshagan, Serapi.


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