Why Choose Alyshaan Fine Rugs for your Next Rug Purchase?

Why Choose Alyshaan Fine Rgs?

Here at Alyshaan Fine Rugs you will find authentic hand-knotted rugs from all around the world, where each rug is a unique expression of love and creativity by artisans who are masters of their craft.

Alyshaan’s fine area rugs are made with some of the finest materials on Earth, using weaving methods that have been handed down from generations. From small entry rugs to runners to over-sized masterpieces, we have the largest selection of hand knotted rugs in Arizona.

How is Alyshaan different than other rug stores?

  • All of our rugs are unique and authentic pieces from all over the world. We have hand selected every piece in our 9,000 sq foot showroom. 
  • Alyshaan Fine Rugs has the largest collection of hand knotted rugs in Arizona, our inventory has over 7,000 fine rugs of various colors and sizes.
  • Our dedicated team is built on professionalism, passion, and industry knowledge.
  • Our founder, Aslam Khan, who established the business in 1969, in Pakistan after a highly decorated military career. In 1979 his son Saeed Aslam was able to grow the business in New Mexico and then moved to Scottsdale in 2001 and expanded the business to its present state today. In 2022 the business was then passed to his son Sameer Aslam, who has stepped in to carry on the responsibilities of this well established business. Sameer has further expanded the business by creating new and innovative inventory, scaled our cleaning and restoration and streamlined the custom rug program.

What is Alyshaan’s Experience?

At Alyshaan Fine Rugs we strive to provide a product that celebrates originality, creativity, and provides our clients unparalleled quality with exceptional customer service. 

We have carefully curated the finest most robust collection of hand knotted rugs in Arizona. Our strength is in our inventory, paired with superior cleaning and restoration services. Our timeless collections of hand-picked patterns are handcrafted with a modern/traditional twist with the finest materials in the world.

Our rugs are the epitome of high-end luxury rugs combined with affordable prices bringing the best of both worlds that will last a lifetime. 

Every client is treated with our staff’s undivided attention when entering our showroom to create a unique stress-free and exciting experience. Alyshaan Fine Rugs emphasis on client satisfaction and innovation helps us manage each project based on individual requirements, such as time frame, design, and color.