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Our Knowledge Center provides insight and visual information pertaining not only to Alyshaan Fine Rugs but also serves as a resource on rugs knowledge. The experts at Alyshaan, the finest handmade area rugs provider in Scottsdale, Arizona provide rugs knowledge on a range of vital topics including care instructions, prices of rugs, and cleaning rugs. Along with this, we also provides our famed Buying Guide 2015 and share how area rugs are made.

Choose to view the Alyshaan virtual showroom through our ‘Visit the Showroom’ online option, or read about the Alyshaan guarantee and policies on exchanges, refunds, trades, and approvals. We carry only handmade area rugs of the highest quality, providing the best value to our customers. The time and care that is invested into creating each fine area rug is evident in the quality, design and finish of the completed masterpiece. Hand made or hand knotted area rugs can also last for decades with proper care and so increase in value over time. Our care instructions and rug cleaning advice as well as policies aim to offer assistance in this to our customers. Also, find out about the charities we support and why Alyshaan with its range of 5000 fine area rugs in a variety of rug styles, design, types and sizes, is the best option for choosing handmade fine area rugs for your home, office or apartment!

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