Fine rugs vary in pricing and it all depends on the method used to create them. We share below some answers to the ‘how are area rugs made’ query that might have been on the minds of some of you reading this.

Machine Made Rugs

These are power loomed on machines and are mass produced. Best way to tell whether a rug is machine made or handmade is to look at the fringe. On a rug that is machine made, the fringe is usually just simply attached or sewn at the back, while a handcrafted rug is made with the fringe as its groundwork and it is a part of the rug. Secondly, machine made rugs will have zero imperfections, while the handmade rug might show many flaws including slight crookedness, a design that may be inconsistent and other mistakes. Machine made rugs are generally made of man-made materials, but there are wool rugs also available.  Alyshaan does not carry machine made rugs.

Handmade Rugs

The different categories of handmade rugs are, knotted (also known as tied), hooked, needlepoint, Soumak, tufted and chain-stitched rugs. The best rugs are hand knotted, or hand tied.

What are the types of materials in fine rugs?

The key materials used in handmade area rugs that we carry in our store in the phoenix valley in Scottsdale, Arizona, are silk, wool and cotton. Most tribal or nomadic rugs are wool pile and wool base. Natural fibers have the durability, beauty and value that synthetic materials can never match. The most durable, easy to clean fiber is wool. Silk rugs are also luxurious and beautiful. The fine handcrafted rugs at Alyshaan are of highest grade of natural fibers like wool, cotton and silk and come in contemporary, tribal, oriental, modern, traditional, Persian, floral and geometric designs. We can also make custom rugs using materials like wool, or wool and silk. No one in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or state of Arizona has handmade area rugs with finer materials than us.

Tibetan Style Weaving

Hand Tufted Rug Making

Alyshaan does not carry hand-tufted rugs in our store but offers them in our custom rug program.