Alyshaan Fine Rugs is a team of professionals with expertise in assisting you to find the right rug for your home. As exquisite as our rugs are, it is our customer service that truly makes us shine. Learn more about us and meet our team of professionals.

Alyshaan Fine Rugs is owned by a family that has been in the rug business for three generations. It all started in 1969 in Asia and has been in the USA since 1979, and in Arizona in 2001. With 5,000+ rugs and 11 employees, Alyshaan is the largest fine rugs store in Arizona with unique policies unlike any area rugs store in the country. We never have a sale or do gimmicks of any kind. We have hundreds of testimonials online and honor a lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship that is the envy of the industry.

“Fair Rugs”, Our Green and Fair Trade Pledge

We pledge to conduct our business with environmentally friendly and fair trade practices. We will always treat our customers fairly by providing them with honest answers, magnificent service, and a wonderful product made with green and fair trade practices. We will always treat our employees well by paying them above-average wages, paying the same wages to everyone without ever discriminating against anyone for any reason, including gender, ethnicity, spiritual beliefs, or life preferences. We will always treat our vendors and workers well by paying them above-average wages and helping them with things like medical and educational well-being. We will manufacture, ship, and handle our products with the most environmentally friendly material and means possible.


We take pride in how well we have been reviewed over the years. With stellar reviews from GoogleHouzz, and Yelp, you can be assured that you will receive the best in service.

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Saeed Aslam / (Founder)

Saeed loves rugs and has great stories to tell about how rugs are made.  He is best known for his exceptional service-oriented approach to sales and knows how to make you laugh.

Sameer Aslam / CEO

Sameer Aslam is a third-generation rug merchant. He has worked in this business his entire life. He has a passion for rugs and is credited with encyclopedic textile knowledge. He runs the custom rug department at Alyshaan where he guides his clients in designing bespoke rugs.

Amanda Pienta / COO

Amanda is brand new to the rug business, she spent many years at Amazon/Ring and brings a wealth of knowledge to the operations/financial  side of the business

Amna Khan / Marketing Specialist 

Amna Khan uses her Digital Marketing skills to manage and implement marketing strategies and uses her graphic design skills to make advertisements and beautiful rug designs for the company. She manages digital PR for Alyshaan Fine Rugs.

joshua kraak alyshaan

Joshua Kraak / Sales Manager

Josh brings his rug expertise from many years with Robb & Stucky.  He has a great eye for color and design which is why he is responsible for the rug buying and inventory control.

Amber Khan / Senior International Design Consultant

Amber Khan; a Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner, Design Consultant & a Spiritual Soul. She gets her design inspiration through traveling and exploring different cultures. From the island of Koh Samui, Thailand to Konya & Cappadocia, Turkey, to Tbilisi Georgia to Sedona, USA; her traveling enriches her soul and inspires her design..


Tamara Johnson – Alyshaan Fine Rugs

Esther Boivin – Alyshaan Fine Rugs

Edie Stockstill – Alyshaan Fine Rugs