rugs on approval

Nothing tells you how a rug looks better than seeing it directly in your home with all your furniture and home lighting, natural or artificial. The way an area rug looks in the showroom is one thing, but being able to see it in your own personal space will allow you to make a better judgment about investing in a fine area rug.

Since handmade area rugs are far superior in quality to machine-made rugs, the selection is a very important process. Not only are the rugs carefully made by skilled artisans, they also deserve to be used in an environment that does justice to the true works of art that they are. So what better place than your cherished home, apartment or office!

Many of our customers pick out fine area rugs to see what looks best in their home and sometimes the rug you loved in the store isn’t always the rug you love in your home, but another one altogether.  Natural and incandescent light both affect the way a rug looks in the home.  So to offer an additional service to our customers, Alyshaan Fine Rugs allows a special ‘Rugs on Approval’ facility. Alyshaan offers this service of taking home rugs on approval through which a customer can decide what looks best in their home, within 48 hours.


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