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Creating a custom rug gives the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind original art piece for your home that embodies your taste, design, feel, and palette.  The color choice rivals the rainbow and there are endless variables to choose from such as material typescarving, and pile height, all of which can be modified to create the exact piece that you desire.

Our custom design program will bring your creation to life. When you are investing in such a long-lasting and permanent piece as a high-end fine rug, settling for less should not be an option. You should be able to find the perfect design for your space.  Alyshaan offers powerful design tools, premium service, and quality in fine custom rugs. The design is entirely up to your imagination.


Why Choose Custom Rugs?

Imagine giving us a design you have seen and love, a sketch you did, or choosing one of our designs then telling us the ideal size and your favorite colors, and having your dream rug created as the only one of its kind in the world. Even with the largest selection of fine rugs in Arizona, with over 5,000 rugs in stock, there are occasions that our clients want an unusual size, a specific design, and specific colors they love. Custom rugs are the perfect solution in such situations, and our custom rugs service is the best in the country.

We work with clients from all over the USA and Canada, so if you are unable to visit our showroom do not worry we are able to assist. We have a custom rugs kit that includes wool color poms and small rug samples that show the different qualities, materials, pile heights, and finishes available.

Journey Through The Life of a Custom Rug

Examples of Rugs We have Done

Asian motifs

The client wanted a beautiful Asian design in a very subtle rug; we designed this rug based on her instructions.

Transitional Beauty

We made this subdued grey transitional rug for our client who wanted a transitional rug in the colors and size their space needed.

Native American Design

Our client loved this Native American design but those rugs only come in smaller sizes in flat weave rugs and the client wanted a room size rug in a plush hand-knotted weave.

Traditional Serapi

We did the entire house for this client with our beautiful rugs, but this one hallway was a major challenge. The size was wide and over 30 feet long and there are very few runners in such a size. The client also was very specific in the design and colors they like, and the rug had to compliment an existing rug. So custom rug was the only choice.

Modern Marvel

We designed this beautiful modern rug based on the design criteria given by our client, the result was absolutely wonderful.

Happy rug

This client had very specific desires for the design and colors of their rug and we couldn’t even find what they wanted in our 5000 plus in stock rugs.So we went to the drawing board and after a few iterations of design and colors, we had a winner.

Simple beauty

We designed this to satisfy our client’s needs for a specific size, design and color palette.

Modern Gabbeh

The client saw a beautiful traditional Gabbeh design rug and wanted a contemporary version of that look.  We created this gorgeous rug to satisfy their very specific taste.

Sculpted beauty

This complex designed rug has incredible carving to accentuate the intricate design.

How The Process Works


You choose a design from our 5000+ rugs http://www.alyshaan.com/rugs/ or a design you already have or have seen; you can even sketch a design and send it to us or describe to us what you want and we will send you some design options.


 You then decide the size you need, and our expert staff can assist you with this decision.


 We then explain the different weaves the design can be made in and options of different materials and quote you prices for these different possibilities. A magnificent feature of our custom rugs program is that it doesn’t cost anything extra to custom order a rug.


 We then implement the colors you want utilizing the incredible software we have that has been designed specifically for area rugs.  We have wool poms and other methods that help in finalizing colors even when the client is working with us from a long distance.  We can easily do 2 or 3 different versions


Once you place the order, our graphic designers make any changes you may want to the design you have chosen to tweak it based on your comments.


We then produce a small rug that is approximately an 18” x 18” portion of the rug that represents the colors best, for your final approval.


 Once the strike off is approved, the rug is produced and we send our clients pictures of the rug in the production process and after it is finished.


Rugs is finished and washed after it is woven on the loom. Ready to pack & ship!


 We have the rug shipped to our showroom for a vigorous inspection process and then the rug is delivered or shipped to the client with a high-quality pad.

 On average, a room size rug will take between 2 to 4 months, depending on the weave and other factors.


Special Shapes

Puddle Rug

The amazing shape

The Octagon Rug

Need An Unusual Shaped Rug?

No Worries, We Can Create Almost Any Shape For Your Custom Rug, Just Like The 2 Rugs Shown Above That We Created For Our Clients.


You can use our specialized software to design your own rug, but because this process has a learning curve and can get frustrating, we highly recommend that you allow our expert staff to do the designing for you based on your instructions.

Start Designing Custom Rugs

Before & After

Alyshaan Fine Rugs proudly shares images of custom rugs designed by clients using our special custom rugs design service and proprietary Alyshaan software.

We feature here custom rugs before and after images to showcase the rug design entered into the software and the final ‘after’ version produced, along with pictures from the homes of our wonderful clients who agreed to let us show how the custom rugs look when finally placed.

A Magnificent Great Room

Beautiful Closet

Custom rugs examples: The Amazing Shape

Simply beautiful Movement Of Lines

The Largest Round Rug We Made

Some Of Our Other Beautiful Creations

Our Green & Fair Trade Initiative

At Alyshaan, we have always believed in working with a social conscience. By choosing to look consciously at the process of the making and trading of our product — from the sheep that provide the wool, to the workers who weave and finish the product, the entrepreneurs who make it happen, the methods and materials used our hope is to inspire others to follow suit and make our world a better place.

Green & Fair Trade in Action

Our Alyshaan Family

At Alyshaan, we are a three-generation family business. What began from my father’s dedication and love for artfully handmade rugs, is now carried on by my son, myself and a highly talented staff of 9 people. Welcome to our family.

Our Mannequin Challenge

Most Highly Reviewed & Award Winning Rug Store in Arizona

We have a certain degree of pride in how well we have been reviewed over the years.  With stellar reviews from Google, Houzz and Yelp, you can be assured that you will receive the best in service. At Alyshaan, we want your rug shopping to be a magnificent experience.

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