How to Vacuum a Fine Area Rug

One would think a simple thing as vacuuming needs no explanation right? Wrong! When it comes to taking care of that prized fine area rug, knowing the correct way to vacuuming makes all the difference!

So does this mean it is safe to vacuum any rug? It all depends on the type of rug and the vacuum you are planning to use. However, it is always one of the best options for rug maintenance at home, since it helps keep the rug in good condition between professional cleanings.

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    1. Vacuum Regularly – One of the most important things in maintaining your hand knotted fine wool rug, is to vacuum the rug and surrounding areas regularly. This can make a difference in how often the rug even needs to be sent for professional cleanings. This means using the ‘suction’ of the vacuum but never using a beater bar; scraping is not good for the rug!
    2. Fringe Caution – Never ever vacuum the fringe of your fine rug! The continued catching of the fringe in the suction of a vacuum cleaner causes the fringes to break and tear.
    3. Rug Underside – For most small to medium size rugs, it would be a good idea to vacuum the underside of the rug once every six months or whenever it’s easy to manage. This step helps to remove dust and also ensure moths or beetles are not deeply embedded in the wool fibers. Though moths are best controlled by regular use of the rug, including exposure to light and air. Moth crystal and Cedarwood balls are good repellents of moths and also helpful in rug care.
    4. Vacuum Strength – Always be careful to not use an overly powerful vacuum, like Dyson, on your hand knotted wool rug. You don’t want the wool fibers to start shedding, so best to stick to a gentler setting. Also, remember to vacuum the rug without the beating brush. Either turn the brush off or just use the attachments — whatever creates suction and avoids the scraping effect of a motorized beater bar.

    These simple guidelines can help you in your basic at home rug care. Just don’t try this on silk rugs!

    For more tips and guidance, check out our blog posts on fine rug care.

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