6 Ways to Decorate the Foyer

Just like first impressions are important, the foyer is one of the key rooms of the home. It is the space which gives visitors an immediate insight into your style and design aesthetic and a glimpse of what awaits them further inside.

Using this space in a well-balanced and designed way means being able to transition from the world just outside and the world you want present the moment someone steps inside your home.


We’re going to share a few ways to decorate the foyer to offer you some inspiration!

  1. Think elegance meets comfort – To decorate with this look, it’s great to combine a sophisticated ceiling fixture or chandelier with a comfortable rug on the floor. That way, wherever the gaze goes first, it is still bound to see the beautiful balance of the two styles.
  2. Use Color – Vibrant colors have a huge impact when paired with muted walls. You could try having pastel shades with pops of color through art pieces, or even a brightly colored floor rug.
  3. Create Drama – Bold wallpapers or colored walls work wonders in adding drama to any space. Combine this with a fabulously opulent oriental rug and you just can’t go wrong!
  4. Accessorize – The foyer can be accessorized to perfection! Try including a large floral arrangement, ornate wall mirror, engraved chest of drawers, a sleek side lamp, and a richly designed fine rug and you will surely love to see the impact it creates.

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