5 Ways to Update Your Kitchen Style

Feel like you want a change in your kitchen but not ready to invest in heavy duty renovation? Why not take the simpler and lighter (on the pocket) approach to update the style quotient!

Below are some quick ways to add more style and comfort to your kitchen.

kitchen rug3

  1. Use Wall Art – A few framed art pieces in small to medium sizes or one big size art piece is a great way to add style to the kitchen.
  1. Try Wallpaper – Wall paper is also a great way to add some style elements to your kitchen. You can incorporate some of the latest design trends in the kitchen this way, without it being overpowering.
  1. Use Color – The kitchen can always have elements of color added to it, whether in the form of carefully chosen paint, key accessory items or colorful barstools. Even flowers add that much needed brightness and cheer. You just need to be a bit creative!
  1. Suspended Lights – The kitchen will always benefit from bright lighting as its one of the places that needs it the most. So instead of just having the regular lighting, supplement it with pendant lights that can hang from select areas. You can even choose the kind of design element you want to enhance (e.g. metallic, gold or other) and the lights will enhance that.
  2. Kitchen Runner – A runner is a great way to add texture to the kitchen. Don’t fret about the general thinking that spills could cause issues and a kitchen can’t have rugs. The latest trends are all about creative and clever use of accents throughout the home. Runners are not only versatile in size; so they can fit the exact requirements of your space, but also wool runners last for very long.

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