3 Tips to Use Area Rugs for Your Interiors

Area rugs make a great addition to any living space. Not only can they set the theme for a room, they can also help complete it.  Choosing how exactly to use fine rugs in interiors can at times be tricky. We are here to help you unravel just that mystery!

Read on and learn our three easy, handy tips for using area rugs in your interior design.


  1. Define the space – Area rugs are one of the most important tools in your interior design arsenal – especially when it comes to defining the space on your floor layout or that of a multipurpose area. Add a few area rugs and you can quickly create a living area within a bedroom (separate from the sleeping space), a dining area within a great room as well as a sitting section too. Complementary rugs in different sizes can help by separating the space while still keeping the style, color or design aesthetic in tune.
  1. Incorporate color – Want to add beautiful color but not wanting to commit to a complete redecorating project and a new paint job? What better way to add a splash of color than through a piece of art like a fine area rug. Thousands of designs, finishes, and colors are all within your power to choose. A rug would make the best color design and style addition and balance the entire room.
  1. Create a lasting impression – Area rugs can make for excellent conversation starters, or over time, memories to hold on to. Just like a lived in house tells a story of its occupants and times gone by, so too can area rugs which can last decades, even generations (when well taken care of). These become family heirlooms and create a lasting impression since the moment they graced your floors, to the times the family sat around the fireplace and sunk their feet in them on many a winters, up till the time they are a reminder of older generations dearly loved.

Using fine rugs doesn’t have to be complicated when you think along these simple tips of ours.  Just keeping them in mind when planning your interior design will help you transform your living space — So give them a try, we are sure you will be pleased with the results!

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