4 Best Tips for Playing with Area Rug Patterns

When it comes to interiors, each person has their own personal preference and design aesthetic. The key is to strike a balance between art and function. If you’re a fan of mixing and matching patterns but afraid of going overboard, then have no fear as we share some easy to follow guidelines on how to play with patterns and win!


  1. Neutral Start: The best way to start off with using a mix of patterns is to first introduce the most key element – a neutral base. This can be one of the main elements in the room around which patterns can build. Try opting for a neutral large furniture item such as a sofa,  bed, or sectional and make sure that the upholstery is of a neutral fabric. It doesn’t have to be plain; it can be textured and have any of the latest neutrals that are in vogue.
  2. Use Color Intelligently: Once you have your neutral centerpiece in place, you can start to introduce color as you work towards achieving a mix and match of patterns. Lighter, softer colors will tie in with the neutral item you already have chosen, while bolder or darker colors will give a more dramatic look. If you prefer to keep things subtle, then choose your curtains in a soft shade but use accent pillows in a bolder color with a strong pattern. Enhance this look by introducing another interesting pattern through a fine rug but in complementary colors. In this way you can use different patterns but use a color tone that creates harmony.
  1. Limit the Number of Patterns: The way to ensure you create a look that says good décor, and not overly done or too loud, is to limit the number of patterns used. Often in most designer circles, the number three is the rule of thumb. This means you can use around three good patterns and still keep it classy. Try to go for a large pattern fabric as you first or strongest choice; a second different pattern with a smaller size than the first; and for your third choose something entirely different. Just remember to remain within the color palettes to maintain consistency throughout the décor.
  2. Function: Always keep in mind the purpose the room is going to serve – if it’s a bedroom, your choice of pattern may be a more subtle or smaller, while for areas that require more energy and a lively vibe, you can utilize bold, loud patterns with ease. So function is key when you start decorating with patterns.                        Use these four tips to mix and match patterns and you will have the room of your dreams.

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