The Latest Area Rug Color & Design Trends 2016

From bold and contemporary to antique and faded, many new rug design trends for 2016 have started popping up. Featuring a mix of styles and elements, the new trends in rug design are certainly pleasing to the eye! There is no shortage of interesting patterns and designs, and of course great quality. Make any room unique and complete with the hottest rug trends for 2016.

1. Neutrals and Pastels

Neutral colors are essential for creating calming spaces and reminding us to relax and live well.

These colors are popular area rug colors because they are the elements that bring out the simplicity in our technology laden lives. Ranging from delicate beiges, pastel pinks, and therapeutic neutrals to warm grays, these soft hues will add beauty, and yet provide an organize d, clean look in any room. Classic neutral tiles or light hardwood floors work perfectly with these timeless rug colors.

2. Bright Pops of Color

Brightly colored rugs are becoming more and more popular as 2016 rolls by. They add a burst of color to the home and can be used with almost any décor.

A fun way to add color, for instance, to a minimalist design room without overpowering it is to add a bold rug as an enhancing feature. The rug will serve as an accent piece. Bright colored rugs are also especially popular here in Arizona because they allow you to enjoy the light and climate of the very sunny state.

3. Contemporary Blues

Contemporary rugs make the perfect addition to a modern décor. Shades of blue allow for a calming and stable effect in any room.

Depending on the specific shade, you can even create a dramatic look. Over all, Contemporary blues as a style and color have become increasingly popular and is a must on the hottest rug trend list! Blue-greys are also very common in contemporary styled rugs and will make your living room or bedroom seem more tranquil.

Inspired by advancements in technology and industrial evolution, these rug colors are built to stand out. The trend embraces a metallic element in the rugs, represented in olive and denim colors, dark grays, brass, or bronze.

To achieve this effect, rugs are made with the use of shiny fibers interwoven among other fibers. Some other rugs even achieve the metallic effect through the use of metallic beads or crystals. Metallic hues are a hot trend not just in rugs, but also in interior décor for 2016 – you will see them almost everywhere! So don’t miss out: try to incorporate this trend in your home through a unique fine rug.

5. Faded Effect

A washed out or naturally faded rug creates an authentic vintage effect. Shades of green, turquoise and earthy brick reds are especially popular in the faded rug category.

Each of these colors pairs very well with the washed out effect and will create a vintage vibe in the room.

6. Geometric Tribal Rugs

Although tribal rugs are not the traditional choice when it comes to enhancing contemporary design, designers are seen opting for this combination as a means of adding a carefully balanced contrast. This trend, in part, owes credit to the popularity of geometric tribal designs in interior decor since last year.  Tribal and nomadic rugs, which are considered some of the most ancient of all rugs, can feature fascinating geometric designs and as a result are able to complement modern décor.

It may be said that they are a marriage between the contemporary and ancient — an amalgamation of two extremes. Since tribal rugs have been popular for thousands of years, their use continues to remain so, and in this capacity they add a timeless feature to any room.


When you think about rugs, you don’t necessarily think about whether they are eco-friendly or not. But in the recent year, eco-friendly rugs have started appearing in all areas of the world. The main thing you need to know is that they are hand-knotted rugs made with natural materials.

The most eco-friendly are hand-spun wool with natural dyes. Compared with machine-made rugs, rugs with synthetic materials, or hand tufted rugs, which have a chemical adhesive on the back, these rugs are very environmentally-friendly.

Number One Trend

Your main priority is to make sure you love the rug. The number one trend is what appeals to yours eyes and to your heart. No matter what the current trends are, if you lead a colorful life and love surrounding yourself with color then don’t follow a muted trend just because it is popular. If you follow your heart you can’t go wrong and just remember that the only person who needs to love it is you. All of the rugs pictured can be found at Alyshaan Fine Rugs

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