Area Rug Cleaning

Alyshaan Rug Cleaning & Repair

The magnificent beauty of a handmade area rug makes it a piece of art that should be properly cared for. This is especially important due to the risk of wear and tear. Fine area rugs can last not just for years but decades depending on the care that is taken. To ensure your fine area rug lasts for generations, you should have your area rug cleaning done professionally.

Alyshaan Fine Rugs offers area rug cleaning service for your handmade area rugs. We ensure the highest level of care is taken in cleaning your rugs, keeping in mind the rug type, style, quality, and colors.

If you are interested in doing your own rug cleaning then just remember that the best way to carry out area rug cleaning is by hand. This should be in water and without harmful chemicals or machines. It is the same method that has been used for thousands of years. Although it is time-consuming, it is worth the time and effort to clean handmade fine area rugs this way as it provides the best protection you can give them.

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