Best Rug Care Practices

If you have ever wondered what are some of the best rug care practices, then we at Alyshaan Fine Rugs are here to share some of our tips and guidance!

WHEN TO GET YOUR RUGS CLEANED: Let your eyes judge when your rugs need cleaning, instead of specific intervals. A rug in the bedroom may not need cleaning for 10 years while the one in the entry may need cleaning every 2 years. 

HOW SHOULD YOUR RUGS BE CLEANED: Always Get you rugs cleaned by an expert who specializes in cleaning fine handmade area rugs. Wool rugs must be washed and never dry cleaned or steam cleaned.ALyshaan fine rugs offers expert cleaning service. There are also many other dealers offering cleaning; Moe Oriental Rugs, Arizona Rug Co., Azadi Fine Rugs, David Adler. 

VACUUMING: Vacuum your area rugs frequently; dont vacuum the fringe, and dont use the beater bar. 

ROTATING: Rotate your rugs at least once a year for even wear and fading. 

SPILLS: Clean spills ASAP. First pick up the spilled substance with paper towels; then spray water or club soda on the pilled area and blot extensive with paper towels. Make sure you dry the rug properly. Detailed care instructions.

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