Do’s & Dont’s of Rug Buying

Choose the right store.

No matter how informed you are, the knowledge, selection, and policies of the business you buy your fine rugs from, will be the most important step in your purchase. Gimmicks – Inflated Prices Don’t fall for the gimmicks many businesses use of inflated prices and imaginary discounts and sales. The only figure that matters is the final price. Compare different stores and make an informed decision; NEVER assume that because you are getting 70 or 80% off, that you are getting a good deal. Information Deal with a business that gives you accurate and extensive information. If they are just building up the product without exact information, they are trying to keep you from being able to compare their product and prices accurately, or they themselves are not knowledgeable. GuaranteeSome stores will offer you a few days guarantee, if that. You will find out if your handmade rug is made with good materials and workmanship when you get it washed the first time, or after living with it for years. Look for the longest guarantee you can find. Auctions and so called “liquidations” are not the best place to buy handmade rugs. Alyshaan Fine Rugs gives a lifetime guarantee on material and workmanship that is the envy of our industry.Detailed Buying Guide

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