Rug Sizes For Different Rooms

The Family room, living room, bedrooms, entry way and kitchen are all easier to work with than the hallways and dining rooms. Just make sure that there is a nice border around the rug of the floor that the rug is placed on rather than having a rug go from wall to wall.

The feet placement on the rug, while walking or sitting, should be “entirely on or off” the rug rather than partially on. For example if the rug is in a walkway, you would rather place it to where you would walk entirely on the rug, or totally off the rug, and never one foot on and one off, or partial foot on. In case of a rug near a couch or chair, the rug should either end more than a foot away so that the feet can be entirely off the rug, or the rug should come to the couch / chair or under them so that the feet are entirely on the rug.

GREAT ROOM: In case of a big room like a “great room”, try to do different areas, rather than one huge rug for the whole room. For example, if you have a huge great room, a good way is to have a large rug in the main seating area, and then accent it with other rugs in other areas with runners and smaller rugs like the entry area to the great room, in front of the fire place or entertainment center, etc. Or for a great room with two main areas, you can do two large rugs that are different but yet complimenting.

Always choose the big rug first and let it dictate the smaller ones. Alyshaan has expert staff that can evaluate the size requirements and options with you and make expert recommendations. The entry way is sometimes ignored because of the high traffic it gets. This is the first impression of your home and the durability of a good handmade rug is so incredible that it will outlast the house if you take care of it. Our suggestion is to find a rug that represents you and let it make that ever so desirable first impression. The bedrooms and bathrooms should have rugs that are cheerful and feel soft to the bare feet. People dread having handmade rugs in bathrooms and kitchens, they shouldn’t. A little water or spill should not hurt your fine rug. If your rug happens to become extremely wet, make sure you dry it properly. Detailed care instructions are available on

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