Designer Secrets You Should Know

When designers are starting with a room where do they start first? As one designer put it… “floor candy”, aka rugs 🙂 Area rugs and wall art are important design elements as they create the foundation for the room. One you have chosen these pieces all the other elements of your room can easily fall into place, such as drapery, upholstery, and wall color. You’ll first need to decide the size that is right for the room. Then you can determine how much you want your furniture to cover the rug. Formal setting should have the furniture placed on the rug, whereas informal settings can have furniture partially on and off the rug. Also, there’s a new trend of rug layering, which can add interest and whimsy to a room Once you have found the perfect rug, you should take a good quality photo of it and carry it with you while you purchase all the other elements of the room.

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