Rugs that are Uniquely You

The desire to be unique and distinct is a universal human trait. It is how we market ourselves in interviews, our businesses in pitches and our offspring in conversations; and yet this desire and trait does come with some exceptions. Though we want to belong, we do not want to be part of the crowd; though we want to fit in, we still desire to stand out. Our mixed need for uniqueness and conformity is exactly like a single thread in a tapestry. The thread wants to be a part of something bigger, to help hold it all together, but it also wants to be colorful, vibrant and get noticed. Alyshaan’s Custom Rug Program offers you a way to be part of the fine rug movement and yet still stand out.

Alyshaan has Custom rug design software provided on their website, available for any client or designer who wants to start their own creation. Suzanne Daley, Alyshaan’s marketing manager, explains, “The beneficial side of custom is that there are virtually no limits to the design or size. There are plenty of colors to choose from and there are variables such as: material types, carving and pile height that can be modified. Choosing a pre-programmed design and making it yours by dragging and dropping colors online is a treat for any designer or consumer.”

There are two different roads that you can travel down in your custom design journey. You can modify existing programmed rugs in their construction and color or you can work with Alyshaan’s graphic designers to create your own original design from scratch. Alyshaan also provides in-home consultations where we can bring in the wool and viscose poms physically to your home in order to help you determine your desired design and color. Daley explains, “What I love best about custom rugs is their ability to be a blank canvas. Our tag line is Walk on Art, which means that the rug is a custom made piece of art.”

The quality of Alyshaan’s custom rugs, like all the rugs we offer, is always magnificent. You can choose among 60, 100 knot fine wool and/or silk rugs or hand tufted rugs. The length of time to create depends greatly on the size, the weave and the complexity of the rug’ design, but it is typically anywhere from 30 to 90 days. The process of the custom rug creation is interesting and exciting for you and for us at Alyshaan.

After the rug design is confirmed, we prepare the order for the weavers. You can choose to request a strikeoff, a 1.5-foot piece of the design, which you can preview to ensure that you like the colors and weave before the rug is completed. Once a strikeoff is approved, the weavers can get started. During the process, the weaver sends progress photos of the rug in several different stages and Alyshaan provides these to you. Daley stated the best part of the process is, “Once we receive it, we call the customer and let them know their masterpiece is completed!”

One of the ways that the worlds of fashion, interior design and a vast variety of other industries enable themselves to offer unique products to their customers is through customization. Alyshaan is not lost on this point or to the desire for customization from our clients and designers; that is why we offer the Alyshaan Custom Rug Program so that you can choose a product that makes your home feel colorful and vibrant and gets your floor noticed. As we say at Alyshaan, “Your imagination is your only limitation.”

By Stephanie Drescher

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