No Sales on the Horizon

No one at Alyshaan knows what a sales tag looks like. It is a foreign concept at our showroom, because Alyshaan Fine Rugs never, ever has a sale. Not running sales sounds like a bad business policy. Never offering a break in our rigid prices or creating great deals and values to be snatched up by the quick and nimble, at first glance, does not sound like a benefit. Through our experience we have discovered that it is a fact that we want to wave around and proclaim. We are actually very proud of our no-sales policy because we are not just selling a product; we are offering an education and an experience. We are not simply trying to make a sale we are on a journey together to discover a match between our rugs and you, our designers and our clients.

The business policy to never offer a sale creates an excellent atmosphere and experience in our showroom, because there is no pressure. You don’t have to make a decision before the sale is over to get a deal and to make your purchase. The rugs that you see and are interested in will be there, at that price, every day of the week, as long as someone else does not purchase it; with our stock of over 2,000 rugs you are certain to have many favorites to choose from. Through our extensive knowledge of the rug industry we are able to automatically set the appropriate price on each and every rug. We know what they are worth and we present them to you at the fair and proper price.

The stereotype, that it is our mission to break apart into many unrecognizable pieces, is that purchasing a rug from a rug salesperson is often likened to the experience that many of us have received at a used-car dealership. Just like a sale, you will never find that type of experience at Alyshaan; we want people to breathe easy in our showroom, to feel welcomed and leave feeling informed and empowered to make the correct and the best decision for their décor desires. This is why the heart and soul of our company is no sales, no slashed price tags, ever.

Alyshaan is above haggling over prices, we don’t want to insult the dignity of the rug or the many tireless hours that went into its creation by slicing its worth to create some fast revenue. Nor do we want to insult the relationship that we build with each and every client by any combative or manipulating sales pitch. As you search through our many beautiful tapestries to find one of your own, you know that you will receive respectful and warm service on a consistent basis and excellent value without the drama.

By Stephanie Drescher

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