4 Steps to Your Own Custom Rug

Alyshaan is re-launching its custom rug program. We continue to transform the custom rug world and are expanding the options and customization that we offer our clients to even greater lengths. One of our most powerful designing tools that we offer, our custom design software, just became an even more impressive tool as we grow it from a local option to worldwide. The re-launch of our custom rug program will now allow rug lovers around the world to be able to design and create their own unique rug with Alyshaan.

Here is a little preview as to what the software looks like and how it functions.


1. The first step is to choose from the hundreds of our exclusive designs to use as a template to create your own. Please remember that these numerous choices that we offer are only the beginning. We are also able to create a custom design of your very own through the help of our on-staff graphic designers.

2. Once you have your shape and design picked out you can play with the multitude of color choices and combinations by simple dragging them to the black Used Color box in the bottom left-hand corner and instantly changing the colors. The different looks and feels that you can create are endless.


3. The third step is to choose:

  • The quality, 60 or 100 knot
  • The material: Wool, Silk and Viscose (similar to rayon)
  • And the weave, (Alyshaan only carries hand knotted rugs for their high quality and longer durability, watch the video for a 47 second explanation)

4. Once your design is completed and sent to our looms in India or Pakistan, you will receive photo updates so you can see how the rug is coming along. Alyshaan has always been proud of our state of the art software, our in-house graphic designers and our looms in India and Pakistan. Now we are even more excited to announce the re-launch and are glad that more people will be able to utilize this extremely powerful tool. We are thrilled to be able to offer it to our designers, their clients and ours. Alyshaan wants you to discover that you have the power to create rugs of unprecedented beauty and quality.

By Stephanie Drescher

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