Color, Style and Pattern All in your Area Rugs

Area rugs truly are art you can walk on, a splash of color under your feet, step by step providing lushness and bringing beauty. Area rugs are a way to bring comfort and lasting design into any room. Whether you are looking at rugs purely for design or if you want to cover a damaged carpet area or just bring some softness to a hardwood or tile floor area, an area rug is the perfect accessory. There are a couple primary aspects you should think about and have an answer to before you start shopping around.

What part of the rainbow do you want to highlight?

Rugs come in literally every color and they are a good way to establish a pallet for a room’s design. But they are a larger piece and investment into a room, so it isn’t as interchangeable as say a picture or an accent wall.

How big would you say this room is?

Rugs can be custom made but they typically come in standard sizes like frames, due to the loom size. Before you go shopping make sure that you measure your room and have an idea as to what size you are looking for; Alyshaan provides in-home viewing as a free service with our rugs so if you want to see what a rug looks like in your space, with your lighting and your furniture this is easily achievable and a good way to go.

Are polka dots in again?

The patterns of the colors in your rug are very important to the energy and feel of a room. Do you want an organic and in-the-background feel to your pattern or do you want it to pop and be eye catching? Rugs can perform as either, so it is entirely up to you. Whether it is curvilinear pattern, with wavy, curved and rounded patterns or a geometric pattern based off of more linear and parallel lines or a pictorial pattern, which would be a scene on a rug depicting people and animals etc. find a pattern that fits the vibe of the room.

Lastly don’t ask the fashion police….

Make sure that the choice that you are making with your area rug gives you a timeless feel. Don’t base your choice off of a trend or a color that you just decided to love. Rugs can last for a lifetime so fall in love with your rug and your choice. Many different styles can be layered onto a rug, they are versatile in nature even though they are always in style; they aren’t like fashion which changes with the seasons and the fades. So stick with what you know that you like.

How much cash for the carpet?

John Kurtz, former host of the PBS show Art Underfoot, gave this advice to HGTV regarding picking out an area rug, “You should buy the best rug you can afford, even if it means living with bare floors while you save up your pennies. Look for good quality natural materials such as wool and silk. A high-quality wool rug will wear well and even look better over time.”

Making a big purchase can make some people nervous, but the more knowledge and advice that you receive the more comfortable you will feel. Alyshaan is all about setting a stress-free tone in our showroom and making sure that all your questions get answered. There is no haggling or persuasion in our showroom so it is a good place for any first time rug buyer to start. We love our rugs and we are confident that you will as well. Arm yourself with knowledge and you will do well on your area rug quest.

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