5 Commonly Asked Questions About Custom Rugs

Despite the many gorgeous rugs that are available in the market in Scottsdale, and across the USA – sometimes it is difficult to find the exact right rug for your décor.  The question is, how can it be made easier?  The answer is to make a custom rug.

1) Doesn’t a custom rug take a long time?

Not necessarily.  It really depends on the size, weave and overall difficulty of the design.  Most contemporary designs can be made quickly if the size isn’t too large and the weave isn’t too tight.  Most simple contemporary 9×12’s can be completed in 90 days after the strikeoff is approved.  If a tufted rug is chosen over knotted, the time will be even less.

See the above video of a TUFTED rug being made.  You can see for yourself how fast it can be.

2)  Are custom rugs expensive?

Not necessarily.  Custom rugs can be expensive depending on the company you use.  Some companies charge up to 300% more for custom, but Alyshaan Fine Rugs in Scottsdale, Arizona does not charge extra for custom rug production.  Our custom prices are on par with the prices of rugs in our showroom.  In fact, custom rugs can even be less expensive if you choose a 60 knot count weave or if you choose tufted.

3) Are colors limited?


We have 600 colors to choose in the ARS color system from which can be translated into wool, silk, linen or bamboo silk.

4) What if the colors are not quite right when I receive a strikeoff?

The benefit of the strikeoff is to see if your color choices translate well.  The strikeoff is a 2 foot square piece of your rug so you can see the color and design.  If the colors are wrong, they can be fixed at this stage very easily.  That being said, it is wise to pick the best colors first than later, as each strikeoff delays your rug production and costs more to produce.

5) I really like the current Ikat trend that is in style now.  Can I make an Ikat rug?

Absolutely!  We have graphic designers on staff who can assist with making your Ikat rug or any other contemporary style of your choice.  All we need is a fabric sample, good quality drawing or photograph or some other graphic representation of the design.

Written by Suzanne Daley

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