Handmade Area Rugs of High Quality

Handmade area rugs can be acquired from around the world, some being of higher quality than others. While quality variations arise due to the method used for creating the rug, the rug materials also play a role in this regard.

Pakistan shares the history of rugs with India because before they gained their independence from the British rule in 1947 and were divided into two nations, they were the same country.  So although the origins of handmade rugs can be traced back to thousands of years in these countries, the biggest growth in their production and development started from the Mughal empire in India, in the 16th century.  Emperors Babar and Akbar had the greatest influence on this art form because of their love for art.


Today, Pakistan is one of the major rug producing countries in the World and their rugs fall into two categories; rugs made by Pakistani weavers, and those made by refugees in Pakistan.

The rugs made by Pakistanis are categorized as follows: Persian designs which are usually floral, geometric tribal designs like bukhara, and modern / contemporary designs.

Pakistan also has flat weave rugs called durries.


Pakistani rugs are mostly hand knotted, and have a great reputation for being beautiful and durable.

The rugs made by refugee’s in Pakistan are usually made with very traditional methods using handspun wool and natural dyes and the two most common types are: Peshawars and Kazaks. Named after the city where they are traded, Peshawars are made in ancient floral designs, but they have a very open and transitional look, in very subtle colors. Kazaks are tribal and geometric with mainly red and blue colors.


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By Saeed Aslam

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