Top 5 Reasons For Decorating With Fine Rugs

There are a lot of reasons people talk themselves out of using fine area rugs in their décor, but if you could actually see the effect fine rugs will have on your décor, how they last and hold their value, you will never decorate any room of the house without them. The best reasons for using rugs in your décor are:

ULTIMATE BEAUTY:  The ultimate reason for decorating with fine rugs is that no other piece for furnishings or accessories will add as much beauty and class to your décor as a fine handmade rugs do. Overall, the bang for your decorating buck is just incredible.

ELEVATE EVERYTHING: Fine rugs affect the look of everything around them. A lot of designers will use medium grade furnishings and accessories, but elevate everything by placing handmade rugs to make everything look very high end.

VALUE:  When budgeting for a project, keep in mind that fine rugs are a gift that keeps on giving. If you choose your rugs properly and don’t go for temporary fad designs, fine rugs will usually never go out of style.  This timeless attribute makes them incredible values because you can move them from room to room, home to home, and keep redecorating around them for decades, in fact for generations.


DURABILITY & AGING:  The way handmade rugs last and age is incredible.  With some basic care and once in a few years cleaning, fine rugs will last for 2 to 3 generations. They also age beautifully and literally look better after decades of use than when they are new.

CLEANABLITY: Because they are on the floor, they get the most abuse.  Not only will your pets love the way your rugs feel and almost always make them their favorite spots to lay down on, but the fact that they are on the floor almost guarantees that sooner or later you will spill things on them. So the fact that it is so easy to clean them and get spills out of them is a very major factor that makes handmade area rugs a great choice for any décor.

By Saeed Aslam

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