How to Design Your Own Custom Rugs

Sometimes you just can’t find the right fine rugs to fit the design needs of your home. That’s where custom rugs come in — you can build small or large area rugs to suit the colors, styles, sizes and designs that you want.

And you don’t need to be a master designer to put together beautiful custom rugs. Hop on your browser and head to the rug customization section of and let your creativity take hold. You need to use Internet Explorer to use our rug design software, but after your browser finishes automatically installing the software, which takes about two minutes, you can start sorting through all your endless options!

You can choose the colors and carving that go into your rug, as well as the size, materials and pile height. With so many customization options, you are sure to create a designer area rug that is truly unique, meeting your design needs.

There are several different ways our clients approach creating custom rugs for their homes and offices. When you open the rug design software, there are pre-designed rug templates that you can customize. If you have a unique color scheme in your home, this is an excellent way to get a large or small area rug in just the right shades or designs to fit well with the rest of your decor.

Have your own unique design in mind for a rug? You can also build a design from scratch! If you need help making your vision a reality, you can talk to our Scottsdale experts on how to get the rugs you want in the designs you imagine. The graphic designers at Alyshaan Fine Rugs will get the design just right before the crafting of the actual area rug begins. We digitally render the design for your review, and we can make adjustments until it is just right.


Custom rugs are also popular with customers who find a rug they almost love but would prefer to make a few changes to. We can use the design of one of the rugs in our store and create a new rug with the color, size or design adjustments you want to see. You don’t have to settle for “almost good enough” when you can get exactly what you’re looking for! For example, if you found a large area rug you loved, but it’s a 10 x 14 when you need an 8 x 10 area rug, we can make a custom rug with the same design in the right size.

Being able to create your own custom rugs means you don’t have to suffer from designer area rug envy, either. One of our customers loved her friend’s oriental rug, so we took several photos of it and created a new rug that replicated the look with a few alterations the new owner requested. Not every rug outlet can provide that service!

There are several options to choose from when you’re putting together your own unique rug. Starting from scratch, using a template, replicating a rug design or adjusting an existing rug design are all viable options to get the look you want. No one else will have a rug quite like yours, and you’ll have your very own designer area rug, designed by you.

How will you create your own fabulous custom rugs?

By Allison Edrington.

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