Around the World with Round Area Rugs

Sometimes a space in your home just needs a different touch — a typical rectangular rug just won’t cut it. Round area rugs can fill the gaps in your home’s interior design. An eye-catching rug in an interesting shape and with beautiful designs can’t help but feel at home in your home.

Round area rugs can come in traditional, transitional, contemporary and tribal designs, and several sizes are available to fit your needs and budget. Let’s take a look at some of these handmade rugs to examine what makes them special:

This round rug was hand-knotted in India and is 5’2” in diameter. The design is considered transitional, as it brings traditional motifs and a border to the design while also incorporating contemporary elements like the Chinese checkers design in the center. We love the unique look the checkered design brings to this round area rug — placing so many squares inside a circle makes it very eye-catching.

The next rug takes a traditional approach to design.

This 6’ piece is one of the many round Persian rugs we have in our Phoenix-area outlet. While you don’t see a grid pattern on many rugs like you do on this one, it gives the rug an octagonal look. The traditional colors and motifs make this an easy piece to place in your home. Slip it into that comfortable corner of your living room, have it highlight your foyer or see it add that much-needed design element in your bedroom.

Though many round area rugs are circular, others are done in an oval shape, like the one below:


The design of this Indian rug is very traditional, and the shape makes it perfect as the centerpiece of your living room, den or dining room. Round area rugs of this size — about 9’ by 6’ — can also be placed in large entranceways . The bold red and bright white create a pleasant contrast that draws eyes but doesn’t distract too much from the rest of the room. Traditional large area rugs like this one can fit in with almost any decor style.

While traditional round rugs are the most common, there are some contemporary examples as well, such as this one:

This simple design makes a bold statement. The bright red and lighter cafe colors help it stand out. Eyes will quickly be drawn to this piece, so it’s great when you want to highlight a piece of antique furniture or use it as a centerpiece of your room’s design.

Tribal designs can also be found in the round area rug section of our rug gallery:

This Indian rug features tribal motifs in deep hues. We love the darker colors that characterize it, and how even simplistic designs can be used to create a design so intricate and beautiful.

Where would you like to see round area rugs in your home?

By Allison Edrington.

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