How to Use Runners in Your Home

Hallways and other long, awkward parts of your home can be tough to decorate — you can’t exactly put a lot of furniture in there. That’s why rug runners are a staple for interior designers and those just looking to spruce up the look of their living space.

Runners are fine rugs with a narrow width and a long length. For example, this tribal rug from India is 2’6” wide and 10’ long:

The bold colors and tribal designs make this rug a candidate to brighten up your space with its serious tones. If your current decor focuses on darker colors, the above rug is definitely a contender. It could coordinate nicely with what you have while accentuating an often underappreciated part of your home.

Tribal isn’t the only runner style available. Fine runners come in traditional, contemporary, transitional, and tribal styles — all rugs that have been handmade with care. The traditional style below shows how, even with a lighter palette, a design can draw attention without losing any elegance.

The traditional style of this Pakistani rug features an unusual floral pattern in a lattice pattern up the length of the runner. Measuring 9’10” long and 2’7” wide, it’s best suited for long hallways or to lay a path for guests in your home or at an event.

Some runners are fairly simple in their design, making them pleasant accent pieces. The Royal Gabbeh design from India is a good example of that:

While tribal elements are utilized in this design, it’s a contemporary piece due to the seemingly sporadic placement of each element. The simplistic border is also a contemporary element that frames the piece without being too distracting. This rug is 2’9” wide and 10’1” long, but not all runners go past 10 feet.

Runners can be as short as 5 feet, like this one:

This colorful rug from Iran is 2’5” wide and 5’ long. We love the bold reds and blues, as well as the traditional tribal symbols weaved in such detail.

If you’re looking for specific colors or want a particular design, custom rugs may be the simplest way to get exactly what you want. You won’t have to compromise on color or style! You can use our online design tool to create your custom rug from scratch or based on a template, or you can choose one of the special order runner designs and then pick a couple colors instead of designing the whole thing. Just visit our online gallery, select Special Order Fine Rugs and choose the style type you want to look through first.

Whether it’s destined for here in Arizona or anywhere else in the world, we can get your runners to you. Ask about our international shipping offers.

By Allison Edrington.

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