Four Area Rug Myths Busted

We help people every day find rugs they love, whether it’s a large area rug that will serve as the foundation piece for your living room’s decor or small carpets & rugs to accent an antique vase. But if you still believe these 4 myths about area rugs, you might not be able to find that certain something to bring together a perplexing space.

Area Rug Myth #1: You can’t keep rugs in the bathroom.

We understand your concern. You don’t want to find the perfect rug that matches your favorite shower curtain only to have it fall apart from the moisture levels of a bathroom. But we’re here to tell you that this fear is unfounded. That’s a good thing, too, because the feeling of a wool rug under your feet feels much better than the cold, slippery tile.

Look for hand-knotted wool area rugs, as the weave and material actually allow it to handle moisture very well. Depending on the shape of your bathroom, a small area rug in front of the sink or a small runner along the length of the space.

Area Rug Myth #2: Machine-made rugs are a better deal than handmade rugs.

If you’re looking for a low grade rug made of synthetic materials, then a machine-made rug will indeed be much cheaper in both cost and quality than a handmade one. But if you’re looking for a well-designed rug with higher quality materials, the cost of many handmade rugs is about on par with many machine-made ones.

So, why even consider handmade? When it’s made by hand, it’s a work of art. There is no other rug exactly like the one you have. Durability is also a factor: Fine handmade rugs can last generations when taken care of, and they can more easily be repaired. Machine-made rugs cannot boast the same and have a short lifespan of about six months. Synthetic materials are also harsher on the environment than materials like wool.

Area Rug Myth #3: If you have multiple rugs in the same room, they should have the same design.

Have you ever walked into a friend’s house and saw a beautiful, framed print with a duplicate framed print right next? Probably not. It would look tacky, right? The same goes for rug placement. Walking on handmade rugs is like walking on art, so if you need multiple rugs in the same room, make them different. They can have a similar theme or color, but they must not be the same.

Area Rug Myth #4: Estate sales and auctions are the best places to get great rugs.

Depending on the auction or estate sale you go to, there are probably a few bargains to be found, but it won’t be on rugs. The carpets & rugs that show up to auction are often the “junk” of the industry and you’ll likely pay way too much for them. Estate sales are tricky because you probably won’t have all the details about the rug to look over, so it will be very difficult to assess its value accurately. If you do find yourself in need of an appraisal, get in touch with one of the rug experts at Alyshaan Fine Rugs.

By Allison Edrington.

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