Best of Two Worlds Transitional Area Rugs

When your room design is neither traditional nor contemporary, how do you choose the right area rug?   Maybe you have two distinct rooms to connect, with a rug that does not clash. Transitional area rugs work with traditional or contemporary design equally. The design elements can contain graphic, floral, border or blended hues of color that complement your décor.  Here are some ideas for introducing the perfect rug into your design scheme. So try transitional area rugs from Alyshaan, with over 4000 fine rugs in stock and transitional area rugs in a variety of designs, sizes, and colors.

Create a Pathway

When you travel from one space to another, a transitional path will create interest and a degree of consistency in design flow. If one room, such as the great room, has a large area rug with bright, warm colors and the dining area has a muted tone with a small print, use a transitional rug that picks up the color of both rooms. This way, the transition from room to room will be smooth.

Define a Seating Area

showimage5In rooms with multiple seating areas, a transitional rug will aid in defining a separate space. A border rug with a simple center design helps to identify where the chairs or small sofa should be with a coffee or occasional table in the center. If the room is small with a mixed collection of furniture, the border rug will pull everything together. The colors in the rug provide inspiration for choosing accessories.

Use Color contrasts

A dark transitional rug with a lighter design or pattern carries the eye on a path from dark to light. You can use a dark design in a hallway or foyer to lead up to a brighter lighter space. When a dark background area rug is placed in a room with elegant antiques or open, contemporary furnishings, the rug will not compete with the room’s composition.

Introduce Rich Color for Drama

Solid colors in a transitional rug make sense when the rest of the environment is filled with artwork or a scenic view. Dark hues of rich colors are very dramatic, yet non-competing when you wish to emphasize a spectacular painting, a fireplace or a view of the mountains. Deep reds make an impressive space even more striking. A deep red area rug will also give a room with simple lines and neutral colors a sense of depth.

Transitional style emphasizes straight lines in concert with curves to create ambience in any space. Old world, Contemporary, Traditional and Modern styles differ appreciably in the use of color, shapes and detail. A transitional rug fits in any design. With the massive array of designs at Alyshaan Rugs of Arizona, you cannot miss when you need the best fit for your design plan.  In situations where you want to fit a rug into an already existing space, the transitional rug is the answer for getting the best of both design styles in the world of rugs.

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