How Fine Area Rugs Can Be Repaired

Fine area rugs are meant to be enjoyed for decades; you want to use your rug as part of your living area, yet you feel conflicted about placing your rug where it may receive wear and tear. With a handmade rug you will probably experience less damage than you would with a wall-to-wall carpet. The natural fibers and millions of hand tied knots in a hand-knotted rug make it last around 50 to 100 years, and very easy to clean. But what if you have a burn, cut or stain that actually damages the fibers? Alyshaan Fine Rugs in Scottsdale is experienced with restoration and repair of handmade rugs and restoration of Antiques.

If you have done the research on how to repair a handmade rug, whether hand knotted or woven, you have already learned Rule Number One. Take your rug to a professional rug repair service! Alyshaan Rugs Scottsdale has the experience, reputation and testimonials to ensure that your handmade rug will be repaired or restored properly.

Here are the worst-case scenarios and how they can be repaired:


Tears – Your 8×10 hallway runner from India is torn by the scrape of a sharp edge over your rug while moving a piece of furniture. The tear may be all the way through the backing or it may just be enough to expose the backing. The experts at Alyshaan can give you the best advice on what it will take to repair the slice, so it is not visible. The method of hand stitching and matching threads is one that only an expert rug master can accomplish.


Holes – When your new puppy chews a hole in your treasured rug or your young student artist gets carried away with scissors, a hole may seem impossible to repair! The art of reweaving a hole is one that professional rug restorers can accomplish. The technique requires trained skill to weave the exact pattern and colors onto a backing that meshes perfectly with the existing rug. If you have ever burned a hole in a wool garment, you can understand how intricate the repair process is. The Alyshaan staff employs only the most experienced artisans to repair your rugs.


Stains – Red wine, food, pet accidents and other spills can usually be removed with cleaning. However, suppose the spill happens to be bleach or another chemical that destroys the dye color. A candle or cigar ember can sear away the strands of yarn. Neither the rug, nor the backing is harmed; however, you are left with an unsightly scar on your beautiful rug. Again; an experienced professional is a must to repair these conditions properly.
The Alyshaan Cleaning and repair Service will give you the comfort of knowing your repair will be done correctly. The extent of damage must be assessed first, then the repair staff will give you an estimate of the repair cost. They assure that you will not be encouraged to make a repair that is unreasonable when compared to the value of your rug. Although they guarantee that a repair will restore your rug to perfection. However, through communication and analysis, Alyshaan will strive to bring your work of art to as close to its original state as possible.

No matter what your location, give Alyshaan Rugs Service a call at 480-607-4955. You can discuss your repair requirements and receive advice about the best cure for your problem.

By Allison Edrington.

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