Custom Rugs at Alyshaan An Introduction

At Alyshaan, we believe in the inherent creativity in each one of us and have great desire to bring your design aesthetic to life using our custom rugs design process.


No longer do you need to restrict yourself in shape, size, color or material when choosing a fine area rug. Your home is your personal design abode, so why should your rugs be any different!


f13     C Palette

The custom rugs provide an affordable and durable solution, with limitless options. Select from a range of designs, whether traditional or contemporary to match your specific needs and style. Rug designs can be inspired from anything – whether a fabric you are using in a room, existing floorcoverings, or even your favorite drawing!




To create your own custom rugs, you simply open the Alyshaan rug design software and create the rug of your dreams. Once you have finished designing your rug and confirmed the order, we send your requirements to our weavers. We also allow the option of a ‘strike-off’, which is a 1.5 feet piece of the custom rug. This is just another way of Alyshaan trying to serve you better! We want to make sure you love every inch of your new rug, so you have the freedom to see the design, materials and colors in a live sample in case of any changes. Only after you have approved the strike-off, will the skilled craftsmen weave their magic bringing your design to life with a full size rug!


To learn more about custom rugs, keep following our blog for the next post in the ‘Create Your Own Art – Alyshaan Custom Rugs’ blog series!

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