6 Tips to Enhance Your Home Decor in 2015

The time, energy and care you put in to every aspect of your home decor is always rewarding, be it the comfort of your own place or the many compliments from friends and family. So keep that positive energy flowing through your home by avoiding a stagnancy trap. What are we talking about? Simply that you need to keep things moving in the home zone as well! This doesn’t need a huge redecorating budget, only a keen eye and a few good ideas on enhancing your home that you can easily implement.

Read on to learn 6 tips on how to enhance your home in 2015:

1. Color

One of the most important game changers in interior décor is color. Think of your home as a canvas and you as the artist! Create a completely different look by using a bright color on an entire wall in an otherwise white room for a warmer look.


If you prefer something subtle, add cool color tones to your ceiling or furnishings to welcome the approaching Spring. The use of color can allow you to create almost any kind of look!

roung rug

Trend tip: Try using the 2015 Pantone color of the year ‘marsala’ and incorporate subtle variations of the shade in your home.

2. Upholstery & Furnishings

Color doesn’t have to be restricted to walls only, you can add bright pops of color through the use of furniture upholstered in a bold color combined with pale cushions or simple changes like colored cushions to complement sublime tones in furniture.


Accent colors can add that extra statement to an otherwise monochrome color scheme. Furnishings and upholstery fabrics don’t always needs to be changed from scratch, rather use subtle changes like an sheer throw added to a sofa, or a fine area rug to enhance an otherwise empty floor. Sometimes just changing your floor rugs can change the entire look of a room!


Trend tip: Oriental rugs have gained widespread popularity in 2015 with a movement away from synthetic wall-to-wall carpeting. Try a Persian or exotic oriental rug for an updated look to your home décor. For those that prefer something more rustic, textured rugs are also growing in appeal.


3. Art

The ultimate design tool – carefully selected art pieces can enhance a home like nothing else! Whether you use vintage art, self-made creative artwork, or a modern store bought piece – the key is using art in creating balance and bringing extra life to the home.


So if you haven’t already made use of enough art or any for that matter, start now! Revamping what you already have, like changing placement to a different room or adding a new item in a main area.

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Trend tip: Go for single statement piece, preferably oversize, in place of the usual gallery style approach for a fresh change in 2015. Try a beautiful handmade sari silk rug as a wall hanging for instance.

eclectic-living-room (1)

4. Light

Just by adding or modifying the way light falls in a room can change the look of a room, so imagine what it could do for your home! Artificial DIY lighting options are easily available and can be used to highlight art pieces or specific areas.


Trend tip: Make more use of natural lighting – swap the heavy winter curtains for sheers to welcome Spring and feel the lightness it will create. You can even leave some windows bare, just use a window trim and let the beautiful sunlight shine through!

Dining room with black table

5. Nature

The use of nature is one of the easiest ways to enhance any home! Fresh cut flowers from your garden or lovely store bought ones will add an extra welcoming touch any day. Add a bunch to your kitchen table, and sunroom, use indoor plants for the living room and even nature inspired art pieces!


Trend tip: Nature in the home doesn’t need to be restricted to fresh flowers or indoor plants — Take inspiration from the fashion catwalks and runways featuring beautiful floral motifs and nature-based designs. Try incorporating a nature inspired print for cushions, a modern floral rug, wallpaper or even fabric paper!


6. Furniture Placement

A great way to make a room look different or enhance a décor is through changing the furniture placement! Have a living room done in the same style for years? Try rearranging furniture from within the home, and doing just that can enhance the look.

rich living room

Trend tip: The art of furniture placement can be enhanced using the rules of ‘Feng Shui’. A lesser-known concept in the Western world, Feng Shui originates in ancient China where its principles guided the construction and purchase of homes by prospective owners as well as the placement of furniture. It was believed to help enhance the life quality of home dwellers. Try using some of these principles for your furniture placement in your entertainment room — it might even make for an interesting dinner party conversation!

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