5 Styling Tips to Try in Your Home

Ever get bored with the décor day in and out? If you see yourself silently nodding in agreement, then we have some handy styling tips and tricks for you to try in your home for 2015!

Lets start by choosing to have a healthy commitment to making this year the most stylish one for your home and dive right into to trying these fun tips.

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  1. Display art in unusual places – Change from the monotony of a plain bookshelf to one displaying your favorite art piece(s) for example. Hang a painting or a framed image on the front or side – whatever works for you! The main focus being on trying to add art in places you would normally imagine something else. Try using a fine area rug as a wall hanging instead of on the floor for example, or try both. Use a bamboo silk rug for your living room floor and a sari silk rug as an art display! Alyshaan Fine Rugs stocks some of the best hand knotted fine rugs that would make a great art addition to the home.
  1. Highlight mementos and keepsakes – Dust those half buried or stored family mementos and bring them all out to proudly showcase in your home! A house is only a home through its occupants and what better way to make it even more special than to share your memories like the medals of honor they actually are – precious moments captured through time, enriching your life experience. These could be something you picked up from a souk in Dubai or a flea market in Morocco or even the shells you collected as a child. Let your home be the most interesting by telling your story!
  1. Include Nature – Who says you can only enjoy nature outdoors! Bring a potted plant or even an indoor tree to your living space. This will add that extra warmth to your home while you wait for Spring to arrive in all its glory. The kind of tree to choose could add to the vibe you want in your home. Some plants even help bring luck in finances! So keep an open mind and welcome change in this way.
  1. Go Big –We mean oversize art here! Instead of the usual gallery wall style with multiple frames, try investing in a bigger piece for that larger-than-life statement. If you already have something inside that hasn’t seen the light of day – use it! It doesn’t have to be too costly, the point is to give a crisp look to your walls.
  1. Play with patterns – Choose a specific motif and try using it in multiple rooms. Play around with the color shades but in the same or similar motif. This will add some uniformity to the design and style but will break up any monotony in an otherwise already decorated home.

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