Contemporary Rugs in the Greater Phoenix Area

Contemporary rugs are the Bell of the ball right now. Everyone wants them and they brighten up every room. Many fine rug companies, like Alyshaan, carry traditional rugs in the tried-and-true patterns, colors and designs; but that is not the full extent of a solid rug collection. There are many different options when it comes to rug styles, such as: traditional, tribal, antique contemporary and more. Whatever types of style you are filling your spaces with, there is a rug that can help promote and enhance whatever your style is trying to say.

Here are 3 reasons why contemporary rugs are so popular and why you might want to look into investing in one for your room:

Bold Color: Every room can make a statement, but sometimes bold colors can be scary and intimidating, especially when it comes to picking out paint and curtains. It might feel safer to just stay with a neutral palette, but this can lead to a room with no focal point, no emotion and a little blasé. Contemporary rugs are known for their bold colors and since they are on the ground, usually partially covered by furniture legs and coffee tables, it is the perfect place to splash some color. Contemporary rugs are definitely the answer; especially, if you are pushing yourself to be bolder and more colorful in your creative designs.

Bold Design: Speaking of design, it isn’t all about color but also about how that color is used. The quantity of the color changes the tone and the statement of a space. Contemporary rugs are often created with bolder designs utilizing lines and geometric patterns, instead of floral or intricate design patterns. Contemporary rugs are a good example that it isn’t just about what you are saying it is about how you say it.

Timelessness: Even though contemporary sounds like something new and untried, contemporary area rugs actually have much timelessness to them. They can adapt well to different chapters and can support many different styles as your tastes change and adapt as well. Many vastly different types and styles can be built around a contemporary rug with these timeless rugs the options are endless.

Contemporary rugs are the center of much design attention and this interest is going to last for a long time. Contemporary rugs are twinkling in the spotlight and they aren’t planning on going anywhere. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful and elegant way to bring color and design into your space, an contemporary area rug is the way to go.

If you are looking for an area rug in Scottsdale or in the greater Phoenix area, visit Alyshaan Fine Rugs today.

By Allison Edrington

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