How Are Contemporary Rugs and Traditional Rugs Different

Decorating your home is about personal taste, and large area rugs can really set the tone for any room they are in — from entry ways to living rooms. But there are many rug styles, including both traditional and contemporary rugs.

What will look best for your home? You need to choose a style that will fit within the context of your home, or you can start fresh by beginning with a designer area rug and creating the rest of the room’s ambiance from there.

Styles of Contemporary Rugs


Area rugs in the contemporary style typically use bold patterns and colors. Using large shapes and often only a few colors, contemporary designs make a statement. These large area rugs have much in common with contemporary artwork, but they provide a more functional (and comfortable) use in your home.

But not all contemporary rug styles are big and blocky. While bold colors are common in this style, you can also find softer browns and reds in this category. Uneven, colored stripes are also popular, and more natural looks are also represented here, such as flowering vines and branches.

Styles of Traditional Persian Rugs

Bedroom area rug

When you picture luxurious Persian rugs, this is often what is meant by “traditional.” Persian rugs and those in a similar traditional style often encompass busy patterns that feature a multitude of colors and incorporate familiar shapes like flowers and diamonds. Often resembling a tapestry, these area rugs can be large but they can also be long and skinny to accommodate hallway areas and other walkways. Often a sign of luxury and comfort, the traditional Persian rugs are the style that most people imagine when picturing a designer area rug.

Which is Right For Your Home?

Persian rugs look perfectly in place if you own antique or wooden furniture and you want a look that is classic and sophisticated. Contemporary styles are more adept at bringing together a more modern looking home. Contemporary looks are more likely to go out of style, but that is only compared to the longevity of the traditional style that has been predominant for centuries.

Other Designer Area Rug Styles to Consider

  • Transitional Rugs: This is where contemporary and traditional styles converge to create something new. Putting a more modern flair on traditional motifs, transitional area rugs are big and bold but most still have the sophisticated style of traditional rugs.
  • Tribal Rugs: Often incorporating bold reds and dark browns, the tribal style takes cues from North and South American tribes to create patterns that use angular motifs like hexagons and triangles, instead of the flowing circular shapes found in other styles.
  • Antique Rugs: Perfect for the antique collector, these rugs have a history and are often in the traditional rug style.
  • Round Rugs: These can come in many different styles, but they are either circular or oval in shape to create a stand-out look.

Create Your Own Area Rugs

Not satisfied with any of the styles you’ve come across? You can create your own area rugs online! Either modify an existing rug pattern or create something new without sacrificing quality.

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By Allison Edrington

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