Beautiful Selections from the Mesa Collection of Area Rugs

We carry all manner of fine, handmade rugs at our store in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, and today we wanted to highlight a particular collection of gorgeous transitional rugs. The Mesa Collection features a variety of colors and designs, mixing traditional and contemporary traits to create art you’ll love to walk over.

We carry more than two dozen Mesa Collection area rugs in sizes 2×3, 4×6, 8×10, 9×12, 10×14, and runner. All of the rugs in this collection are handmade in India with high quality materials.

One of our favorites from the Mesa Collection for its creativity, color blending, and unique style is this 8×10 rug:

When you see this kind of designer area rug, you can understand why we consider owning area rug “walking on art.” A great deal of creative energy and beauty goes into making handmade rugs like this one.

There are, however, disparate designs within the Mesa Collection that we’d like to show you. The 2×3 rug below is one of the smaller pieces:

The black background helps the brighter colored details stand out. The floral designs in this piece are fairly traditional in their design, but they are made much bigger than you’d find in a traditional rug. That contemporary spin is what makes it a transitional piece.

The dark colors and small size make this excellent for entryways or other small spaces.

While the 2×3 rug below incorporates tribal motifs, they are utilized in a fresh way. The striped design is an unusual use of tribal motifs:

If you enjoy the look of the above rug, you might be interested to know that a similar design is used in one of the Mesa Collection runners:
area rugs runner

The high level of detail and variation in this runner is what makes it a showcase piece. A hallway or other space with this designer area rug will instantly have more color and personality than it did before. And with so many colors throughout the rug, it won’t be hard to find matching decor.

Now, let’s look at a completely different look that’s part of the same collection:

The traditional border is complemented by an unusual repeating design in the main center of this 9×12 area rug. The fine detail and complex construction of the repeated symbols makes it a standout piece.

You can see many of the designer area rugs from the Mesa Collection online. Just go to the online gallery and type “Mesa Collection” in the search box.

By Allison Edrington.

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