Ideas for Creating Your Own Custom Area Rugs

If you haven’t found the perfect area rugs to complement your home yet, make your search simple by creating your own design! Alyshaan Fine Rugs offers rug customization options that allow you to design a rug in the size, style and colors that you need to bring your home’s decor together. Whether you are looking for silk or wool area rugs, we can help you build your rug design from scratch or modify an existing design to better fit your needs. There are several ways you can go about creating custom rugs at Alyshaan.

Modify an Existing Design


This is one of the most popular options for our rug customization program. If you use our rug customization software through Internet Explorer, you can browse through existing templates and modify the size, color, texture, carving and material. Remember, wool area rugs are best for high traffic areas, while silk rugs are better suited as wall hangings or as accents that won’t receive a large amount of foot traffic due to their more delicate nature. However, wool area rugs cannot reach the same high knot count that silk area rugs can, because wool is naturally thicker than silk. So, if you are considering a highly intricate design, silk may be your best option to get the look you want. With proper care, both materials can last for generations. 

Custom Sizing


Sometimes you fall in love with a design you see in-store, but then find yourself disappointed when you realize that it just isn’t the right size for the space you need to fill. While you may not be able to take home the rug you found in the shop, you can request a custom rug in the same design but in the size you need. Consult with one of the experts on rugs in our Scottsdale store to help you determine what size will be best for the room you want to put it in (since you don’t want to custom order it just to find out you were a few inches off). You can also make some modifications to the style, color or design when you order a custom size, as well. 

A Whole New Area Rugs Design


Maybe you are a discerning shopper for area rugs in Phoenix, or you may have a specific motif in the rest of your decor that you want to find a rug to match. This is where you can really get creative. You can choose to upload a photo and have it converted into a rug design, or consult with one of our designers to create one that you’ll love. From contemporary rugs to more traditional styles, you can walk on the art of your dreams when you make your own designer area rugs! From simple motifs to highly complex designs, the options are limitless when you choose to customize area rugs. What designs would you love to see in your home but haven’t found in the store?

By Allison Edrington

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