How To Choose The Right Size Handmade Area Rugs For Your Dining & Breakfast Rooms

Measuring a dining room for rugs

When choosing handmade area rugs for the home it is important to have the right size. This applies in every case but below we share insight and advice for the dining and breakfast areas.

The dining and breakfast rooms are the most size sensitive rooms of the house; you must have a rug large enough to not only look right under large pieces of furnishings, but also to ensure that the dining chairs remain on the rug even after they are pulled out for sitting. You will hear from many experts a common rule of thumb which is to measure 2 feet beyond the back legs of the chairs to allow enough room to pull the chair out.  This doesn’t always work because of the different sizes of chairs, the best way is to pull all the chairs back to where you can sit comfortably, and then measure a few inches beyond the back legs of the chairs, and this is a fool proof way to ascertain your ideal size without any surprises.  If you have not purchased the dining set yet and are starting from the rug, which is a better way to decorate because it allows the area rug to set the design direction and color palette of the room, then you can reverse the process and get the largest size rug that is appropriate for the room and then make sure the dining set you buy fits on the rug properly.  


Small rug under dining table

In the dining and breakfast rooms, it is usually better to have a rug that is larger than the minimum size you can get by with.These are the only two rooms where it may be an ok compromise to go close to the walls of the rooms if you have to, to get a large enough rug to accommodate the dining set even after the chairs are pulled out.  If you are trying to get away with a small rug under a dining set, don’t even bother using a rug in this area because you will make it look worse rather than enhancing the décor with a nice rug.

EXTENSIONS:  Don’t worry about every possible size of your dining table, if it has extra leaf(s).  Just figure out the way you want it most of the time, with or without leafs, and decorate around that because trying to decorate for every possibility will usually not result in the best looking décor for the way the setting will be majority of the time.  Also, you will usually be adding the leaf(s) only a couple times a year, and it is just not worth it to let that effect your décor year round.

Dining room 2

MIXING DIFFERENT SHAPES:  People usually get nervous about placing a square or round table on a rug that is a different shape, like a rectangle.  Although the round, rectangular or square table placed on a rug that is the same shape is the obvious choice, but sometimes mixing the shapes up is wonderful.  So if you want to be bold, place that round or square table on a rectangular rug and it will look just fine if you do the coordinating properly.Alyshaan fine rugs has over 3200 fine handmade rugs in contemporary, transitional, traditional and tribal designs in their showroom in the Phoenix valley, in Scottsdale Arizona.View their entire selection online at

By Saeed Aslam

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