Choosing Fine Rugs For Your Living & Family Rooms

Living rooms and family rooms are the most versatile when it comes to the fine rug sizes you can use. Choosing the right fine rugs for them is key.

You can get away with a smaller rug under the coffee table, or go all the way beyond the couches or the sectional.  Usually, the best and most economical way is to have the rug cover the entire area between the couches and chairs etc., and come to the front legs of these furnishings or just slightly under the front legs. This way you are covering the maximum area and not paying for a larger rug just to hide it under the furnishings.

As far as the rug’s relevance to the room itself; if the room is much larger than the seating area, then just worry about the seating area.

Area rug in a small living room

But if it’s a small room and the seating area is covering majority of it, then make sure that there is a nice border around the rug, of the floor that the rug is placed on, rather than having a rug go from wall to wall. The feet placement on the rug, while walking or sitting, should be “entirely on or off” the rug rather than partially on. In case of a rug near a couch or chair, the rug should either end more than a foot away so that the feet can be entirely off the rug, or the rug should come to the couch / chair or under them so that the feet are entirely on the rug.

The furnishings you will or have chosen will affect not only the size, but also the design choice of the rug.  If you are placing a huge coffee table or Ottoman on the rug, then an allover design is better than one with a center medallion, because the medallion will either get cut off in a weird way, or will start dictating how the table or ottoman can go, making you center it on the medallion.  Not that this cannot work, but you should be aware of this and see how it works before buying a rug with a center medallion oriented design.

Living room 3

The primary difference between the living and family rooms is their use and feel.  Most family rooms are more heavily used and usually more of a casual look, while the living rooms are rarely used and may have a more formal look.

It is better to use an all wool rug in the family room, especially if it is for a family with kids and pets; while the living room maybe a better choice if you wanted an all silk or silk and wool rug as part of your décor, mainly because and all wool rug will be easier to clean and get spills out of than a silk or silk and wool rug will be.

Silk Wool rug

It is always better to have a glass coffee table to show off your beautiful area rug.  But if you are choosing a wooden or metal top table, then that’s ok too, just make sure it goes with the décor of the rug and doesn’t hide the primary parts of the design.

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By Saeed Aslam

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