What Affects the Price of a Large Area Rug

It’s a common misconception that a large area rug has to come with a huge price tag, but you should know that isn’t always the case. There are several variables that affect price in the world of rugs, which is why almost anyone can find one that is within their budget!

Some of the variables affecting price include:

Size of the rug: If you’re looking for one that is over-sized, then the price will be higher than area rugs that are 6×9 or less. This only makes sense, since it takes more materials, time and energy to make larger pieces of art like handmade rugs. How do you know how big a rug you need? A large area rug can take up the central space in your living room or cushion your walk down the hallway, so it all depends on where you need it and what your space looks like. It definitely shouldn’t take up the entire room — there should be at least a few inches from the wall on all sides. Think of the space around a rug as its frame.

Knot count: This is how many individual knots there are per square inch. Finer materials like silk can have a knot count up past 1,000, and bulkier materials like wool are generally in the 100-200 range. Knot counts can get as low as 60 or so. While it’s generally thought that a higher knot count is better, you need to consider the material that is used. Wool can’t get up to the high knot counts of silk, but it has it’s own unique qualities. So, knot count isn’t everything.

Handmade vs. Machine-made: Handmade rugs are going to be more expensive because of the additional labor that goes into making them. However, hand-knotted rugs last longer due to the high quality craftsmanship. Plus, each one is unique, because the artisan who created that rug can never make exactly the same one again. At Alyshaan, we only sell high quality, handmade rugs — never machine-made ones.

What the rug is made of: Silk is the most expensive material you will run into, as it is cultivated from mulberry silkworms and can be made into more intricate designs that most other materials. Sheep and other types of wool are less expensive because they are easier to obtain, yet it’s more durable. Bamboo silk is becoming more available as well. It provides many of the same qualities without the high expense of regular silk, as bamboo is much easier to cultivate. Stay away from synthetic materials like acrylic, artificial/art silk or wool blends — they are low quality and won’t last as long.

Country of Origin: Persian rugs are highly sought after because they are well known for their rugs. Oriental rugs are another type that people come into our Scottsdale store looking for. However, if you want to decorate your home with the right style or color, origin isn’t typically as important. Just make sure that if you’re paying top dollar for a Persian or Oriental rug that it isn’t low quality — not all rugs from these countries are high quality!

Age: Handmade rugs can grow more valuable with age, especially if you maintain them over time. It takes decades for a large area rug to become worth significantly more than what you paid, so this isn’t a get-rich tool.

By Allison Edrington.

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