The Truth About Persian and Handmade Rugs

Most investments that you come across are a bit boring and you get no value from them until you cash them out … stocks, mutual funds, 401(k)s and the like. You may have heard that handmade rugs can also be an investment, and they’re definitely nicer to look at while you own them! While handmade rugs are indeed an investment, there are some facts you should know before you buy with this purpose in mind.

Both Persian and other types of handmade rugs take several decades to really grow in value — they aren’t the kind of investment that offers a quick turnaround. However, rugs don’t decrease in value like some assets you have, such as your car.

To have your rug investment grow, you need to look for high quality, handmade rugs. Mass-produced rugs will not grow in value over the years, and we don’t even carry machine-made rugs because of this lower quality and value.

Material also matters. Wool area rugs are a better long-term investment than artificial fibers or wool blends, and silk is a particularly valuable material that will help your rug investment grow.

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When you own a beautiful area rug, you’re walking on art. If you care for it like you would a fine painting, you can expect it to maintain its current value, and it has the possibility to grow in value over the years as well. When the rug is not in use, you need to store it properly. Most area rugs can be stored flat and stacked on top of each other if you have multiple rugs. Large area rugs should be wrapped around a pole with the edges supported on trestles. Wherever you store rugs, it needs to be cool and dry with a few moth crystals that are switched out every few months. You should also keep in mind that handmade rugs need to breath, so don’t wrap them in plastic.

Cleaning area rugs and repairing any damage is also important. Depending on how you use your Persian rugs, you should consider having it professionally cleaned every 5 years or so. You can also try to remove small stains yourself, just read our rug cleaning guide to ensure you don’t cause further harm! Damage can oftentime be repaired, so if one of your pets attacks the corner or regular use has created worn spots, these may be fixable. Alyshaan offers both cleaning and repair services, so talk with one of our experts to see if this makes sense for your investment.

Since it is an investment, you can purchase rug insurance to protect that investment. It may be covered under your home insurance policy, so consult with your insurance agent or one of our rug experts.

By Allison Edrington.

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