How to Use Luxury Rugs to Add Style to Your Office

If you have an office where current and prospective clients come to meet you, having stylish and tasteful decor can set the tone of your conversation. Luxury rugs can add that extra spice to your office that adds both comfort and class. Insurance agents, politicians, financial advisors and any professional business would do well to add fine area rugs to their decorating budget.

For those who are just beginning to decorate their Arizona office, it’s best to pick the rug you want first, as it can influence the look of the rest of the space. However, for those who already have established offices, you still have options to improve the atmosphere of your office.

Business offices that see a lot of foot traffic should consider incorporating wool area rugs into their spaces. These are perfect for waiting rooms and hallways, as they are more durable. Luxury rugs can also be used as purely decorative pieces, accenting a specific piece of furniture or hung on the wall. Silk rugs are ideal for those low-traffic areas or wall hangings.

But what style is best for your office? Financial advisors and other money professionals often prefer the look of traditional styles like Persian rugs provide to any office, whether you’re located in Phoenix or Alberta. Insurance agents and other business professionals may have more leeway, but what you need to keep in mind is the kind of clientele you will be inviting in when you’re designing your office space. If a majority of your clients are seniors or adults in their 40s and 50s, traditional rugs may be more appropriate.

However, if you are catering to a younger crowd or a niche that is more contemporary, modern luxury rugs may be a better fit. You should still follow your own personal style, but remember that you aren’t decorating your home — you need that designer area rug to make an impression on your clients!

Just remember that your area rug needs to coordinate with the rest of your office decor. Mixing modern furniture with a traditional rug often sends mixed messages to your clients, as with mixing antique furniture with a contemporary rug. Of course, with the right rug design in the right colors, you can make a mix and match work!

Need help finding the right luxury rugs to furnish your office? Get help picking the best style and size for your office — come talk to one of the rug experts at Alyshaan in Scottsdale.

By Allison Edrington.

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