Finding the Right Designer Area Rug

You are welcome to come visit our showroom of more than 3,200 rugs, or check out the online gallery that you can sort by size or style, but we also have many special order rugs available as well. And some of them are just too good to not share! This is one of the recent special order rugs from our catalog that came in for a customer:



This designer area rug is 6×9 and feels fantastic to walk on! You likely noticed that these two photos are slightly different: the top photo features the top side of the rug, and the second photo is the bottom side. One of the unique characteristics of both natural silk and bamboo silk is the coloring is always dramatically darker on one side than the other.

Large area rugs made of other materials won’t have such a contrast between the bottom and top sides. However, you should always take a look at the underside of a large area rug before you buy. If the back is covered by a piece of cloth, that means it is a lesser quality rug — the cloth is there to hide the underside of the hand-tufting or machine-tufting process.

Silk rugs make excellent decoration pieces or can be used to accent areas of your home that don’t receive a large amount of foot traffic. However, bamboo silk is more durable than natural silk, so it can be walked on more frequently without experiencing the wear that delicate, natural silk will. Plus, the cost of bamboo silk is lower because it is easier to make. In fact, many gardeners know that bamboo is difficult to stop growing once it’s been started! Bamboo is a highly renewable material, which is why you are seeing more and more of it in everyday consumer products, from cooking utensils to keyboards. Of course, we love it as a material for large area rugs as well!

Both bamboo and natural silk offer a smooth texture and a high knot count that other materials just can’t provide in a designer area rug. This means the design can be highly detailed and the value will be higher. If you’re interested in ordering a bamboo silk rug for your home, look through our online catalog or talk to one of our rug experts — we can help you find the perfect match in this beautiful material.

By Allison Edrington.

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