How to Care for Area Rugs in Phoenix AZ

Area rugs can really bring together a room and add a splash of style to your home in Phoenix, AZ, but the local climate can take its toll so learn how to care for area rugs and prevent a dent in your new investment. Learn how to care for your rugs now, before any damage is likely to occur.

Below are some of the most common types of damage that rugs can incur in Phoenix, Arizona:

Sun Damage: The beautiful details in oriental rugs are created in brilliant colors that you want to last a lifetime, but you’d be surprised how the Arizona sun can quickly make certain colors fade. But it can be prevented! You have a couple options if your rug is in a very sunny room. The first is that you can simply draw the drapes or blinds to block out the sunlight when you aren’t using the room. Sheer curtains can even be enough to protect your investment. If this isn’t possible, you could consider getting window films that block UV rays and have the added bonus of keeping your house cooler in the summer. Window films are also great for skylights over your rugs. Regularly rotating your rug can also help prevent sun damage.


Moisture and Heat Damage: When most people think of owning rugs in Phoenix, they probably aren’t worried too much about humidity. But this area actually has a surprising range of humidity throughout the year, typically from 9% to 71% humidity. Too much moisture can lead to mildew, but rugs don’t do well in hot, dry environments either. If you keep your Arizona home fairly comfortable throughout the year, your rug will be fine. However, if you are storing it, be sure it is in a cool, dry place. If a rug gets wet, do not store it until you have allowed it to air dry in the open or with a blow dryer on the cool air setting.

Crushed Pile Damage: This occurs on rugs with pile that have furniture placed on them. To prevent the pile from being crushed and damaged, move the furniture periodically to a slightly different location on the rug so that it’s not always putting pressure on the same spot. You can also rotate your rug regularly to prevent this damage.

While our rug experts can repair many kinds of damage to both small and large area rugs, preventing it from happening in the first place is always preferable!

By Allison Edrington.

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