Why it’s Smart to Select Rugs Before Decorating

There is an odd sort of beauty to an empty room, and there is also so much potential! If you have an empty room in your home you’ve been meaning to decorate or just want to start from scratch in a room you’re currently unhappy with, consider picking the designer area rug you want first and then moving on to the rest of the furniture.

Why should you pick the rug first? It sets the tone for the room, especially if you go with a large area rug. Finding the right rug will help you coordinate the rest of your decorating efforts. You can find furniture and other art that will really make a statement together.

You should also consider the fact that a designer area rug will probably last much longer than the rest of your furniture if you take care of it properly. High quality, handmade area rugs have a long lifespan, so you be sure you love the look of the rug instead of just finding a temporary piece to match the furniture you currently have. As an interior designer once told us, “Rugs are a timeless statement” and won’t go out of style. No matter what the current trends are in the interior decorating world, a designer area rug is always welcome.

While you can, of course, choose one of the thousands of options from our world of rugs at Alyshaan for a room that is already in use, starting with a rug just makes your job simpler. You can base your decision on what design and size you like best. Since a large area rug can also take up the most space in a room, you should know the dimensions of the room you want to place it in before you shopping.

Most people shop for a designer area rug with a specific room in mind, because size and pile height can help you determine which rug is the best fit. If you have carpeting in your home, you can still use area rugs in your interior design, but you should look for one with a lower pile height. Hardwood floors are one of the most common spots for area rugs and you have more flexibility with the pile height. A large area rug shouldn’t cover the entire room — there should at least be a foot or more between the edge of the rug and the walls.

If you’re looking for something specific and we don’t have a designer area rug in stock that meets your requirements, you still have options. We offer rug search services to our clients, meaning we will search the world over to find the right rug for your purposes. We directly import rugs from all over and we hand-select each one, so our buyers are familiar with searching for specific designs, colors, styles and sizes.

You also have custom rugs created, whether you work with our Scottsdale graphic designers to create a new design you have in mind or customize one of the rug templates we have in our rug design software. When decorating a new room, we can help you find the right rug that fits both your project and your budget. The rug experts at Alyshaan are dedicated to matching the right rug with the right client!

By Allison Edrington.

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